Banners are a versatile and affordable way to advertise your business! Knowing how and where to hang your banner can help maximize brand awareness and bring in new customers. The first step is ensuring it is properly finished for where you will hang it. To do this, a couple of questions must be asked.

1) Where is your banner going to hang?

If you are planning on hanging your banner on a pole, it is best to utilize the pole pocket method with Banner Ups PoleTape. If the banner will be hung against a flat surface or between two objects, it is best to use Banner Ups adhesive grommet tabs.

Pole bannerClear PowerTabs on banner

2) Will it be indoor or outdoor?

This question determines the need for extra reinforcement. If the banner is hanging outdoors, it is best to hem the banner with Banner Ups PowerTape or MegaTape.  We also recommend placing large adhesive grommet tabs every 2-3 feet.  When extreme strength is needed, you can insert a metal grommet in the adhesive grommet tab and tape.  If the banner is being hung indoors, extra reinforcements is not always necessary and small adhesive grommet tabs will work well.

3) How big is your banner?

This question also determines the need for extra reinforcement.  With banners over 6 feet in width, it is recommended to use tabs in the corners and every 2-3 feet along the edges. If your banner is less than 6 feet in width and being hung indoors, adhesive tabs in the corners will be just fine.

Once you have a properly finished banner you are ready to hang it!  Here are a few options that may work for you.

• Bungee cords

Bungee cords are great for hanging banners because they’re so simple to work with.  Just hook the cord through the adhesive tab hole and you’re ready to go.  Bungees will help keep your banner taught. Also, they provide flex and stretch in windy conditions so your banner can stay up longer.


• Cable ties

Cable ties or zip ties are efficient and cost-effective. These are primarily used when attaching a banner to a fence.  It is important to note to not pull the tie too tight so that it is cutting into the tab.


• Nylon rope

Using nylon rope is one of the most common ways to hang a banner. Going through the tabs center hole with the rope with give your banner the most strength. Make sure you tie the rope to something stable so the banner doesn’t blowdown. We even had Banner Ups customers say that after a storm their banner didn’t rip down but rather bent the poles it was tied to. Now that’s some strength!

Banner Ups allow you to make banners faster, stronger, and easier than grommets. Contact us for a free sample!