Banner hem tape proves to be a convenient solution for fixing pole pockets and replacing retractable banner stands. Rest assured, our banner hem tapes at Banner Ups guarantee steadfast and enduring adherence. The beauty lies in the simplicity – no sewing machine is required! Our range features the most potent tape for hemming vinyl banners, eliminating the need for the troublesome process of folding over double-sided tape to achieve a banner hem. Instead, just place the tape over PowerTabs along the upper and lower edges on the banner's reverse side. 

Why Choose Banner Hem Tape?

How to Apply Banner Hem Tape

1. Select Your Vinyl Banner: Choose the vinyl banner you wish to hem.

2. Apply the Adhesive Hem Tape: Place the highly adhesive hem tape onto your banner.

3. Smooth Down the Edges: Use a squeegee to press down the edges where the banner hem tape is applied.

4. Hang it Up: After the tape is secure, punch holes through the tape, tab the center holes, and run a rope through the holes to hang up the banner. 

It’s as simple as that! The process of using banner hemming tape is straightforward, making it easy for anyone to accomplish.

What Materials to Use Banner Hem Tape On

Utilized to stick rubber, plastic, metal, and wood surfaces together, this adhesive is perfect for ensuring a lasting bond. You can even use them to securely attach nameplates and decorative trim onto appliances and furniture. As banner hem tape is made for all weather conditions, it can be used for both interior and exterior bonding where high shear performance is required.

Purchase Your Banner Hem Tape at Banner Ups

When it comes to securing your banners or repairing them, your search for the most dependable tape ends right here at Banner Ups. Our top-quality banner hemming tape is designed for optimal performance and can effectively fortify your banners. View our selection below and purchase yours today!

For more information on our products or tips on how to apply them, contact us!

Forget about the hassle of folding over double-sided banner tape to make a banner hem! Simply apply tape over PowerTabs along the top and bottom edges on the back of the banner. After applying the PowerTape, punch holes through the tape, tab center holes, and banner media, then run a rope through the hole.


Clear PowerTape




Made of heavy-duty film, PowerTape takes the place of hemming and grommeting.

Clear PowerTape – PTAPECLEAR

Clear PowerTape® a new clear version of PowerTape

Megatape – MEGATAPE-CL

It is a double-sided version of our popular PowerTape product, made with the same super-strong film.

TigerTape - TIGTAPE1036

TigerTape is a premium quality double sided banner hem tape at an economical price.


PoleTape – POLE135

Extremely aggressive adhesive for creating pole pocket banners without sewing.


PoleTape Pro

PoleTape Pro – POLEPRO-120

PoleTape Pro® make pole banners like a pro!


KederTape – KTAPE143-80AS

KederTape® make SEG Signs without sewing


TexTape – TEX1925

TexTape is designed as a double sided textile hemming tape with a synthetic

Try Banner Ups Today! Everything you need in one kit. 

Banner Ups Starter Kit

Part number: STARTKT4AS

  • 100 BravoTabs

  • 1 Roll Clear Starter Kit

  • 1 EZ Punch

$85  $115


Don’t see the product you need?

Describe your application and we will design and manufacture a Banner Ups tab to meet your exact specifications. We love to solve your fastener challenges!


Marci Wall
Marci Wall
Banner Ups are the most convenient and easiest way to grommet your banners. I use the Bravo tabs and will absolutely never metal grommet again. Once applied, they are as strong as any metal grommet and when combined with banner tape, outdoor banners are a breeze. I have several customers who love the way they work and one very large commercial customer who wants nothing else. Thanks for a great product!!
Dave Sehl
Dave Sehl
I use these and love them. I made a banner 4 years ago for a client that mounted it to a steel building for a sign. It is still hanging good today. Great product!
Don Long
Don Long
Great display and product offerings at SGIA....The only way to go for banner accessories.
Barb Tucker
Barb Tucker
These are the easiest, fastest way to put up banners. Don't know why anyone uses grommets!
Well, we don't use brass grommets anymore!! Love the Bravo Tabs! Thanks for a great product!
Michael Crane
Michael Crane
I am a school teacher. We have been using the banner up products for some time now. It really cuts down on the labor time for producing banners and simple for students.
Chris Jackson
Chris Jackson
The Keder tape is great for silicone edge graphics. The tape is very easy to use and best of all you don't need a sewing machine. We also use the power tape. This is a great alternative to webbing. Cost effective and does not require any special tools.
Revolt Ministries
Revolt Ministries
Banner Ups are AMAZING! They have changed our banner making process soooo much FOR THE BETTER! ease of installation plus the banners just LOOK BETTER, cleaner appearance - ROLL UP BETTER for storing - and the application process to apply them and finish the banners is such a breeze! Will never go back to the other way of finishing banners! Thank you guys for being such a joy to work with! You guys have gone out of your way numerous times to help us get the job done for our customers! We appreciate you! Highly recommend!
Martha Wood
Martha Wood
We received this in a sample pack and love the product. I have watched all the videos online and we are excited to make a purchase and try these out in action.