We want to give you some tips and trick on how to apply KederTape to fabric and how it is installed in the SEGDesign frame system. Usually, a silicone edge graphic sign is installed by tucking in the silicon with a single fold into the frame. However, with KederTape we developed an alternative installation technique to be completely rolling it over. This creates a double fold with fabric on both sides of the Keder. The reason for this is that it has several benefits the first being it protects the frame from an adhesive. Secondly, you have more control over how tight the fabric is. Finally, it allows the fabric to slip in and out of the frame easily.

The fold over technique is great for the majority of textiles. However, in some cases, we recommend using a single fold method. One example of using the single fold method is whenever your installing canvas or thicker rigid fabrics. The reason being is that canvas and thicker materials are harder told fold twice and might cause a very tight fit within the frame.


To create fabric prints that will work with this double fold, KederTape method we recommend the following. Add two inches to the live graphic area. For example, if you have an 8”x10” fabric frame print the fabric with a cut line that measures 10”x12”. The corners must be quarter circle cut to fit within the frame. The total diameter of the circle should measure 2.5”. Align the middle point of the 2.5” circle to the corners of the cut line. We have templates to help you create beautiful fabric graphics that will work well with this double fold method. Click Here to download templates

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