Banner Ups Donation: The Bootcamp Banner

Banner Ups by Budnick’s Nick Helfrich recently experienced that doing something nice for good people is even more rewarding than a great sales day. On this day, Victoria of San Diego reached out to ask Nick about a banner dilemma she was struggling with. Victoria had an 18” x 10’ banner that was flimsy over…


Most Common Uses of Double-Sided Fabric Tape

It might not seem like it at first glance, but there are a wide number of uses for the double-sided fabric tape available from Banner Ups. The double-sided fabric tape available from us is strong and designed to hold up under the harshest conditions. It’s also affordable, making it great for a variety of uses….


How To Create A Social Distancing Partition

Our team at Banner Ups wanted to ensure we could create highly effective social distancing partitions with our products at an affordable price. We also wanted to make sure that they were made in a way that required no tools and could be assembled by anyone in a matter of minutes. These social distancing partitions…


Why Silicone Edge Graphics are Perfect for Wall Displays

Are you planning to create a new wall display for your company? Perhaps you want to do something a little different and use a material that will really stand out. Well, there are many different reasons why silicon edge graphics could be the ideal material for you. At Banner Ups, we’ve helped hundreds highlight their…


What Are the Different Banner Types?

Even in a digital age of electronic blinking signs and digital displays, old-fashioned banners are still a highly effective form of advertising and outreach.  Banners are extremely affordable to produce, meaning you’ll quickly see a return on your investment – much more quickly than expensive electronics! Better yet, there are a wide variety of banner…


3 Ways of Hanging Banners – A Complete Guide

Banners are a versatile and affordable way to advertise your business! Knowing how and where to hang your banner can help maximize brand awareness and bring in new customers. The first step is ensuring it is properly finished for where you will hang it. To do this, a couple of questions must be asked. 1)…

Press Releases

Budnick Appoints Hatton as Business Development Manager in Sign and Graphics Market

Columbia, IL – January 9, 2020 – Budnick Converting, Inc. appoints Rick Hatton Business Development Manager in the Sign and Graphics market. Hatton is the founder and former owner of Banner Ups banner finishing products, which Budnick acquired in 2019. Hatton will manage all Sign & Graphic sales initiatives, by focusing on key customer relationships…


PowerPunch – Easy Grommeting and So Much More

BannerUps was founded with a simple idea: making it cheaper and easier for businesses to create their own hanging banners!  Our product lines are designed to make grommeting signs easier while providing the same level of strength and reliability you’d expect from expensive professional jobs. Our PowerPunch was designed with this in mind, but it’s…



E. L. Hatton Sales Co. / Banner Ups, a leader in innovative sign and banner finishing products for over 30 years, has entered into a strategic partnership with Budnick Converting, Inc., one of the nation’s leading converters of adhesive tapes and flexible materials. Banner Ups operations will move into Budnick’s new 100,000 square foot converting…


How to Paint Your SEGDesign Frame

The advances in silicone edge graphics from businesses such as Banner Ups are making SEGDesign frames accessible for all consumers. With the increased demand, shoppers are looking for a way to paint their frames to fit various styles. Our team at Banner Ups have provided a step-by-step guide for a flawless paint job that will…