Here at Banner Ups, we’re focused on making products that help you hang your banners more easily, with fewer rips and longer lifespans.  And one of the most common points of failure in banners is their grommets.  Because so much tension and force is being concentrated on those grommets, they’re likely to tear out – and possibly take your banner with them.

A combination of our new Clear Powertape, a single-sided clear banner hem tape, along with our classic clear BravoTabs make it easy to reinforce your grommets in just a few minutes!

How BravoTabs And New Clear Powertape Make Banner Hems and Grommeting Simple

Our BravoTabs are designed specifically to help reduce the force and tension that is normally focused on the grommets.  BravoTabs spread the force across their entire surface, greatly decreases the strain. Just peel and stick BravoTabs on the corners of your banner. No grommets needed.

To add even more strength without compromising your presentation, that’s where our new single-sided clear banner hem tape comes in. Clear Powertape is an improved version of our older PowerTape – it’s stronger and cost less!

All it takes is a couple minutes to run Clear PowerTape on the top and bottom edges of your banner. PowerTape provides a nearly-invisible hemming solution that makes it far more difficult for rips to ever start along the edge of your banner.  Since Clear PowerTape is single-sided, you don’t have to waste time folding hems.

The combination of Clear PowerTape and BravoTabs gives you superior strength and reliability.  It’s withstood windspeeds up to 99 MPH in wind tunnel testing! Check out the video:

Doing More for Less, With Banner Ups

With Banner Ups products, you can cheaply and easily get more from your banners – longer lifespans and better presentation.  Contact us directly for a free sample, and see for yourself just how useful our Banner Ups Clear PowerTape and BravoTabs  products can be.