Banners are one of the most direct communications between an organization and its customers. Banner Upsproducts allow you to easily and cost-effectively fabricate and suspend banners and posters. Ourproducts are specifically designed to meet all the requirements ofmaking sturdy, durable banners that can withstand even the toughest indoor andoutdoor conditions.Our products allow you to fabricate extra strong banners at a much lower overall cost compared to the old-fashioned method of grommeting.

Here’s How Banner Ups Create Easy Operating Banners

In earlier times, banner finishing required special equipment like welding machine or sewing machine to produce a hem, or double sided banner hem tape. It also required a grommet machine to install grommets. However, such methodswere costly and time consuming.

Today,with Banner Ups the banner finishing has become simpler. All you need to do is simply print the type of banner you like, peel it and then press to apply Banner Ups, EdgeTabs, or PowerTabs to the banner corners. For extra outdoor strength, apply Banner Ups PowerTape or MegaTape to create a banner that is much stronger than any grommeted banner.Banner Ups products work great on virtually all types of media, including Scrim vinyl (PVC), polyethylene, polypropylene, Tyvek, and many more.

Our products have undergone the stringent practical tests for strength that included a wind tunnel tests at the speed of up to 98 MPH! Extensive tests have proven that Banner Ups banners are much strong stronger than grommets, and at a much lower overall cost! Start using them today. Visit us at