Creating the perfect banner to represent your business or event is just one step in the process – the next is finding the proper products to act as banner hangers and keep it stable and professional looking. At Banner Ups, we offer a variety of products to ensure that your banners are properly held up in a variety of conditions, both indoor and outdoor.

Why Us?

In comparison to plastic grommeting, our Banner Ups, PowerTabs and EdgeTabs products are both stronger and more durable due to their ability to appropriately spread the stress of high winds over a larger area. This puts less strain on your banner and increases its strength and durability, allowing you to rest easy knowing that your design will remain up even during turbulent weather conditions.


In addition to their durability, our banner hanger products are flexible enough to be used for various indoor and outdoor applications. They are compatible with a variety of banner substrates including:

• PVC banner media
• Plastic film
• Poster board
• Corrugated Plastic and Foam board

Cut Your Costs

Due to the flexible and convenient nature of our products, you can get your banners up with much less time and labor than you would using grommets. You can make five times as many banners in the same amount of time and effectivelycut your labor costs by as much as 80%. However, don’t let this increase in speed let you think that the quality suffers – in most applications, our products are triple the strength of grommets.


If you’re looking for durable, flexible and convenient banner hangers, our products at Banner Ups are sure to give you what you’re looking for. With a high level of durability and the ability to cut labor costs, you’re banners and business will thank you later. For more information, contact us at 800-969-9601 or online at