May 2, 2018 – OhioBanner Ups, the product that allows you to make a banner in 3 minutes or less without grommets simply by peeling and sticking, now offers a host of products including hemming tape and banner tape to help install banners in rough weather.

Banner Installation

Once the graphics for banners are sent to a printer, and the banners are printed and laminated, it makes sense to reinforce them with Banner Ups, tape, and grommets. A Banner Ups Starter Kit holds everything necessary to hang a banner, regardless of its size, including 100 Crystal Clear BravoTabs, 1 Roll Clear PowerTape and 1 Heavy Duty PowerPunch.

Grommets, Hemming Tape and Banner Tape

While using strong rope always helps when it comes to managing banners in rough weather, Banner Ups recognizes that most common points of failure in banners are their grommets, which tear out because so much tension and force is concentrated on them. Products like BravoTabs counter this by spreading the force across the banner’s entire surface, greatly decreasing the strain. It can simply be peeled and stuck on the corners. The company also manufactures a range of single-sided clear banner hem tape like Clear Powertape, which provides a nearly-invisible hemming solution that makes it difficult for rips to start along the edge of any banner, irrespective of the weather conditions.

About Banner Ups

Banner Ups are faster, stronger and easier to use than grommets. The company also manufacturers hemming tape, banner tape as well as custom-made products. For more information, call 800-869-9601 or 440-647-3400 or visit