The best way to get the most out of your banners is with proper care and maintenance. This will increase the banners life and allow for reuse over the years. Improper storage and not cleaning banners can cause deterioration and loss of image quality. With these simple maintenance tips, you can get the most out of your vinyl banners.

When handling your banner make sure the area around the banners is clean. Wipe down table tops with a damp cloth to remove any dirt then allow it to dry. Also, insure your hands are clean. Use gloves when installing and taking down the banner if necessary.

Banners are likely to get dirty when hanging outdoors. To clean vinyl we recommend using a damp soft cloth. Avoid any abrasive cloths or sponges, these can damage the banner. If more cleaning power is needed, use mild soaps, avoid harsh cleaning chemicals that will peel and fade the ink on the banners. Before storing your banner ensure that it’s wiped clean then dried.

PowerTape Hem Tape for Strong Banners

Pick a dry cool place to store your banners. Make sure you roll and not fold the banner when storing. Folding a banner with cause visible creases. When using Banner Ups PowerTape Hem Tape and tabs it’s best to roll the banner with the images on the outside (PowerTape Hem Tape in). Roll the banner around a 6” tube if possible. This will help avoid rippled edges or tunneling.

The vinyl around grommets can start to crumble and show rust stains over time. Banner Ups products will allow you to get the most out of your vinyl banner. Banner Ups tabs cover a larger surface area compared to grommets. This spreads the wind load through the banner avoiding tears and hanging failures. The tabs and tapes we offer will allow you to easily hang and then take down your banners for storage. This results in huge time savings for you and less time spent on maintenance and replacement.

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