If you work in the industry, then you know the difficulty involved in creating beautiful, durable, and long lasting banners in a short amount of time. Fortunately, there is now a solution. Thanks to E.L. Hatton Sales Co.’s introduction of their flagship product (Banner Ups) and other subsequent banner hangers, banner finishing companies no longer have to worry about creating an effective product that will meet their deadlines.

The Advantages of Using E.L. Hatton Sales Co.’s Banner Hangers

Unlike traditional methods of using plastic grommets via sewing and welding, banner hanger products offer the following benefits:
– They are easy to apply thanks to their adhesive nature.
– Many banner hangers have been tunnel tested to withstand winds of up to 70 miles an hour and will not fall down easily whether indoors or outdoors.
– They are made from recyclable film that is good for the earth.
– They are very inexpensive when the cost of labor is considered.
– All banner hangers can repair banners in the field.

If you are currently working in the banner making industry and are looking for a product that will save you time and money, try E.L. Hatton Sales Co.’s banner hangers, we promise you won’t be disappointed. Visit the E.L. Hatton Sales Co. website today at https://bannerups.com/.