Automated Banner Finishing System

The BravoBanner banner finishing system is an affordable, modular unit designed to reduce costs for banner printers, finishing more banners per hour with drastically lower labor costs. The BravoBanner system works in conjunction with Banner Ups’ existing line of time and cost saving grommet alternatives, to create a true all-in-one solution for low-cost, high-quality banner finishing.

  • Finish 100-200 banners/hour with a single operator.
  • labor cost and over time dramatically.
  • Eliminate bottlenecks in banner finishing.
  • Finish faster than your competitors.
  • Grow capacity without floor space expansion cost
  • Make more attractive dramatically stronger banners
  • Works on media that welding doesn’t
  • Fully recyclable banners


Have you considered the true cost of growing your banner business?

  • What is the total labor cost of fabricating a banner?

(What if you could control it precisely?)

  • How many hands touch your banner jobs?

(What if you reduced it to one post-print handling?)

  • How fast can your competitors make banners?

(What if you do it 5 times faster?)

  • Is growing capacity expensive?

(What if you could grow without adding space or staff?)

  • Is banner fabrication a profit center?

(What if you could do it with one person?)

  • How brutal is busy season?

(What if you could scale up or down with a button?)

  • How much does floor space cost?

(What if you cut your finishing space by 75%)

  • Is media a major cost center for you and your competitors ?

(What if YOU got greater strength with lighter media?)


The BravoBanner system is new technology based on the automated application of highly engineered adhesive polymer films and tabs to reinforce banners faster and stronger than sewing or welding. BravoTabs and Tape are stronger than grommets because they spread wind load over a much larger area. BravoBanner finished both edges of a banner simultaneously and works with a wider range of media than welding. BravoBanner can automatically sense and operate in 7 modes to precisely meet every customer need:


  • Grommets only
  • BravoTabs only
  • BravoTabs + Grommets
  • BravoTape only
  • BravoTabs + BravoTape
  • BravoTape + Grommets
  • BravoTabs/BravoTape/Grommets

> Quick, low cost, fast
> Quick, low cost, strong
> The best of both
> Lightening speed
> Super strong, Looks great
> Mid-strength, med cost
> Super storm strength, fast

BravoBanner Typical Data

  • Typical throughput
  • Total cost per banner
  • Operators required
  • Width range
  • Floor space required
  • Taping speeds
  • Power requirements
  • Power cost vs welding

100-200 banners/hour
$.40-$2.20/banner ($.02/sf-$.09/sf)
19” – 48” easy adjust
~50-100 sf
230 3phase
1/5th power draw

The BravoBanner system is modular and is custom engineered to meet your exact needs. Possible special modifications include ROLL to ROLL or ROLL to SHEET. Banner styles may be entered by templates, customer style, or barcode/QR Code auto-detection. LIMITED LOW COST INTRODUCTORY TRIAL NOW AVAILABLE. To schedule your personal demo contact: or call 800-869-9601