PolyTabs are perfect for reinforcing corners of posters or indoor banners. Simply peel and stick PolyTabs onto the corner of your poster or indoor banner. PolyTabs square shape is made of a strong plastic that uses surface area to spread pulling force.

These tabs not only work for protecting posters that are in heavy usage but indoor vinyl banners as well. PolyTabs will save you the hassle from installing grommets on your indoor banners. Just peel stick and punch PolyTabs, finishing indoor banners in half the time of grommets!


  • What are PolyTabs

The PolyTabs come in a high-volume dispenser, with 2000 PolyTabs per roll. The tabs also come in either a crystal clear or white display, depending on what you’re looking for. The tabs are perforated every four tabs, allowing for easy tear away sheets. The PolyTabs can be peeled off and then placed along the corners on posters and indoor banners.


  • No Tear Solution

Posters can easily rip through when using thumb tacks or punching holes. With the help of our Banner Ups PolyTabs, the additional security of the tabs prevents any kind of tearing on your poster, allowing it to remain upright.

Get Bulk PolyTabs for Hanging Posters Today

If you have put up display posters previously, only to have the displays rip, you know how important it is to add an additional layer of protection to the poster. PolyTabs will improve the ability to hang posters, and indoor banners.

So, if you’re tired of having posters or banners rip out from extensive use and from the weight placed on hanging, make sure to invest in our Bulk PolyTabs for hanging posters. Contact us today for product information.