Here at Banner Ups, we are constantly looking for ways to improve our products and we are delighted to introduce the newest addition to our selection of hem reinforcing tape: Clear PowerTape.

The New, Improved Banner Hem Tape

Clear PowerTape is a translucent film made from a fiber-reinforced composite polymer. Industrial strength adhesive makes this our strongest hem tape and at 1.5 inches wide, it works great for nearly every banner. It works particularly well on banners with eye catching graphics, allowing images along the edges to shine through.

How Clear Power Tape Out Performs the Competition

Its translucency isn’t the only difference between Clear PowerTape and standard PowerTape. New manufacturing techniques and materials have made this our strongest single sided hem reinforcing tape yet. It is 10% stronger than the original PowerTape and more durable. During wind tunnel testing it proved able to withstand winds up to 99 MPH. Best of all, it costs less. More power, less money, it’s a win/win.

How to Use Clear Power Tape

Using this hem reinforcing tape is very easy compared to other methods. Its clear properties allow for quick and reliable installation that won’t distract from the banner’s message and doesn’t require a lot of time folding hems. In fact, because you don’t have to fold hems to hide the tape, it can drastically reduce production time! Check out this video for more information on using Clear PowerTape.

Best Uses for Clear Power Tape

While any banner could benefit from the strength of our newest PowerTape, these are two types of banners that benefit the most:

  • Double-Sided Banners – Double sided banners pose a problem in that traditional hemming methods tends to interrupt the banner’s graphics. The translucent tape prevents the need to fold over a hem and protects the graphics from distortion.
  • Mesh Banners – Mesh can be a difficult material to work with. Clear PowerTape’s tacky adhesive works great on commonly used mesh banners.

Available Now

Here at Banner Ups, we are proud to offer our customers this high-quality product that performs better than the original for less money. Both Clear PowerTape and the white original are stocked and ready for immediate shipping. For more information on our new Clear PowerTape, or to request a free sample, please contact the team at Banner Ups today!