One of the challenges of finishing vinyl banners is the time and expense required to install metal grommets and hem double sided tape. The process can often be frustrating and time-consuming. It’s why so many business owners and event marketers are now utilizing the Banner Ups Banner Hanging Starter Kit. In this latest post, we’ll explore several of the benefits offered by our starter kit, as well as provide an outline on each of the contents.

Faster Banner Setup

One of the foremost benefits of the banner hanging starter kit is that it will you to finish banners in half the time compared to installing grommets and double sided hem tape. The grommeting method often takes time away from other crucial activities, and jobs you could be accomplishing.


Strong Performance

Companies often find that, over time, banners with grommets can rip out during windy weather conditions. This limits the appeal of promotions in the long-term. By harnessing the banner hanging starter kit BravoTabs and PowerTape, users can ensure that their banner remains in the optimal condition. The BravoTabs are adhesive tabs that stick to the banner corners and edges. No grommet machine needed. The tabs cover a larger surface area, resulting in increased strength compared to grommets. The PowerTape is a super strong single sided tape that runs along the top and bottom edges of the banners. This replaces having to fold a hem, saving you time.

What Does the Banner-Hanging Starter Kit Include?

The Starter Kit contains: 100 Banner Ups Clear BravoTabs, 1 roll of Banner Ups PowerTape, and 1 Banner Ups Power Punch. It’s a kit that contains all the elements for finishing 20 high quality banners.

We are now offering a discounted price and FREE shipping on our the Banner Ups Starter Kit. To learn more about the product, please contact us today or request your discounted Banner Hanging Starter Kit now.