For years, if you wanted to make a banner for your business, you only had two options:  Pay to have someone make it for you, or spend a lot of time and effort hemming and grommeting the banner yourself.  If you chose the DIY option, any mistakes in manufacturing would leave it susceptible to the elements, or potentially breaking when hit with a gust of wind.

But now, there is an alternative: Banner Ups banner hangers.

Banner Ups are the quickest and easiest possible method for producing high-quality, long-lasting banners for either indoor or outdoor use.  And when we say “quickest” we mean four to five times faster than hemming and grommeting.  Don’t believe us?  Just watch our latest video and see for yourself!


Here are just a few of the reasons Banner Ups are a great choice.

Three Ways Banner Ups Banner Hangers Beat Traditional Methods

1 – A minimum of manual labor

To finish a banner with Banner Ups products, you only need three things:  Banner Ups tabs, PowerTape, and a PowerPunch.  That’s it!  All you do is:

  • Place Banner Ups banner hangers on the corners and/or along the middle of the banner edge
  • Place single sided PowerTape on the top and bottom edges of your banner
  • Punch holes through the tabs and tape

You could complete your banner in under a minute.

2 – No specialty tools needed

No special grommet machine needed.  That’s a specialty tool that really only has one function.  It’s also heavy, bulky, and takes up a lot of space when not in use.

Banner Ups will allow you to finish a banner without the high cost and hassle of a grommet machine.

3 – All the strength you need

Just because Banner Ups are fast and easy to apply, that doesn’t mean you’re sacrificing strength.  A banner made with Banner Ups products is every bit as strong and long-lasting as one created with traditional hemming and grommeting methods.  It can even look better!  If you use our Crystal Clear BravoTabs, your hanging holes will be virtually invisible – unlike grommets.


Get Started With Banner Ups Today!

To immediately start producing great banners, order our specially discounted Starter Kit with everything you need.  Or, to see our quality for yourself, contact us for some free samples!