Working with banners is easier than ever before, thanks to a number of products from Banner Ups ranging from mesh banner and clear powertape to banner tape and plastic grommet tabs. One of the products that consistently make lives easier for users is the new Banner Ups PowerTabs adhesive grommet tabs. Here are a few reasons why.

The Material Matters

PowerTabs adhesive grommet tabs are made of a high strength composite film. They are also stronger than metal grommets and just as strong as regular Banners Ups. The difference lies in the surface area on the tabs, which allows sign shops to make strong, inexpensive banner blanks instantly. Another advantage is that they are a lot less conspicuous than grommets, which makes for a more effective visual effect as they blend into the banner substrate. PowerTabs are available in a number of sizes and also come in crystal clear versions for full-color digital banners.

Transform Banners Instantly

What Banner Ups PowerTabs adhesive grommet tabs do is turn any digital image into a super-strong outdoor banner in minutes, allowing the image itself to shine through in all kinds of outdoor settings without requiring the hassle of sewing, grommeting or working with special tools. It also works with all kinds of banner media, be it paper or vinyl, and is extremely effective for outdoor banners on account of its strength.

How It Works

Banner Ups adhesive grommet tabs replace hems and metal grommets, eliminating the costs that come with that equipment. They are cost-effective, fast, and simply involve printing your banner, then peeling and pressing to apply Banner Ups, PowerTabs, or EdgeTabs. Once the tabs are applied simply punch a hole through the banner using the Banner Ups PowerPunch. That’s it. Then there’s the environmental impact. Metal grommets make perfectly recyclable plastic films like polyethylene and polypropylene non-recyclable. Banner Ups products are made of a base of polyethylene film, making all end products recyclable without you having to remove the grommets first.



For Banners, Grommets and More

There are a lot more options to plastic grommet tabs when it comes to working with banners. For information on PowerTabs adhesive grommet tabs or any of our other products, contact Banner Ups today.