Our team at Banner Ups wanted to ensure we could create highly effective social distancing partitions with our products at an affordable price. We also wanted to make sure that they were made in a way that required no tools and could be assembled by anyone in a matter of minutes. These social distancing partitions are made from materials that are commonly found at local hardware stores and can be bought in large volumes for mass production. These partitions is also made from 100% recycled material, and some of its materials could even be reused.

Recently, Sarah Bravo from Park Cities Counseling saw our tips and decided to make her own partition using our Banner Ups products and tips. Here is how she did it…

  • The Partition Frame

For the frame, ordinary PVC piping does the trick. You can use any size of PVC – one inch and half-inch – and it can be the color of your choice. While many people seem to be utilizing very rigid materials for partitions,for this partition, you can use ordinary polyethylene sheeting which is inexpensive.

  • Assembly

The polyethylene sheeting is attached to the PVC pipe frame using our Banner Ups tabs, which are remarkably simple to use. Banner Ups Tabs come on a sheet and all you need to do is just peel it off and apply it.

The tabs have pressure-sensitive adhesive on the backside so you can apply it to one side of the sheeting and then fold it over to the other side. Poke a hole through the tab and use regular zip ties to attach.

  • The Result

Sarah Bravo from Park Cities Counseling discovered that our COVID-19 Partition YouTube video offered a low-cost, practical solution.

She was looking for a way to safely social distance during her in-person client meetings. Using Banner Ups PowerTabs along with PVC piping and poly sheets, Sarah created a reliable and easy-to-assemble protective partition for both her and her clients.

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