The advances in silicone edge graphics from businesses such as Banner Ups are making SEGDesign frames accessible for all consumers. With the increased demand, shoppers are looking for a way to paint their frames to fit various styles.

Our team at Banner Ups have provided a step-by-step guide for a flawless paint job that will make your silicone edge graphics stand out.

  1. Clean the frame

If you want an even paint job that will last, it is important to properly clean the frame before painting. With a clean brush, brush away any dust or particles that might be stuck to the SEGDesign frame. A paint thinner is often the best way to ensure you have safely removed any excess dirt and grime.

  1. Find a safe environment for painting

When painting your SEGDesign frame, spray paint is the best option. While it is a great way to add a unique color to your silicone edge graphics, spray paint should not be inhaled and proper safety precautions should be taken. Make sure the room where you will be painting your frame is well ventilated and wear a protective mask while painting.

  1. Avoid a messy paint job

Working with spray paint can be difficult at first. If you want to avoid a mess, hang the frame with wires and rods attached to your ceiling in order to control where the paint goes.

  1. Choose an effective spray paint

Spray paint will give your SEGDesign frame a smooth, even finish, and add to your stylish silicone edge graphics. However, when choosing your paint, it is important to research various brands and view examples of finished projects. The experts at Banner Ups suggest Krylon Fusion spray paint. This paint provides great coverage and dries hard, which helps prevent paint from chipping and wearing off.

  1. Add multiple coats of paint

In order to get an even finish, it is always best to apply multiple coats of paint. Lightly spray the entire visible portion of the frame 2-3 times, with a 5-10-minute break in between coats to allow it to dry and avoid dripping. If you are not able to assemble your SEGDesign frame before painting, tape the corners with Kedertape to avoid clumps of paint that may create an obstacle when snapping the pieces together. After painting your frame, allow a minimum of 24 hours for drying before adding silicone edge graphics and mounting it onto a wall.

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