May 4, 2018 – OhioBanner Ups products dispense with the most common way of hanging banners, which is by using grommets — metal rings placed along the corners and edges of banners. They eliminate the need for expensive grommet machines and the physical labor required, and also dispense with the need for hem reinforcement that is extremely time-consuming or banner welders that are high-end products.

Hidden Tab Trick

Banner Ups products such as BravoTabs can be placed on the back of a banner flat without folding, on all corners. A strip of double-sided MegaTape can then be stuck along the top and bottom edge of the banner, lined with the tabs fold line. The MegaTape liner can then be folded over the hem and pressed down, after which a PowerPunch can be used to punch holes through the banner media, tabs, and MegaTape. The result is a banner with virtually none of the reinforcements showing. Check out our Hidden Tab Trick video for more detailed instructions:

Using Strong Rope or Bungees

Banners can be hung and secured using rope or bungee cords that can simply be passed through the center hole on the tabs and tied securely to a strong anchor point. These give banners some flex in high winds, although one must ensure there is no over-stretching to make the banner too taut, as this may cause some adhesive slipping while using BravoTabs and double-sided tape. Another method is to use a zip tie to mount a banner along a chain-link fence. This is also a preferred method for hanging indoor banners.

About Banner Ups

Banner Ups are faster, stronger and easier to use than grommets. The company also manufacturers hemming tape, banner tape as well as custom-made products. For more information, call 800-869-9601 or 440-647-3400 or visit