KederTape is great for making silicone edge graphics without having to sew! Normally a silicone edge graphics (SEG) sign has silicone sewn around the edge of the fabric and then is tucked into an aluminum frame slot. With KederTape we have developed an alternative no sew double fold method. KederTape has adhesive on the back so you can easily peel and stick it to the fabric edges.

When tucking in the KederTape to the SEG rail we recommend folding it first. There are several benefits to KederTape’s double fold method. The foldover protects the KederTape within the fabric and allows to easily pull and change out the graphic. However, for fabrics like canvas, we would recommend the single fold method. Canvas is thick and is hard to fold over twice, in this case simply stick Keder on canvas edges and tuck into SEG frame.

It is important to keep the KederTape positioned in the right place so that your SEG face is nice and tight. One of the easiest ways to do this is to print cut lines in exactly where the KederTape needs to go and overlay that on your print graphic. You can download print templates from our website or by clicking here.

To create your own cut template locate the lines one inch outside the live area all around. The corner cutouts are 1 1/8 inch radius. These dimensions are a starting point and you may have to adjust them depending on the type of fabric you are using. Some fabrics might be stretchier than others. With a piece of more stretchy fabric, the KederTape is going to need to be placed more inward so that you can pull the stretch out when you mount it. Whereas with a less stretchy fabric the KederTape is going to be placed right on the cut lines that you’ve drawn. Over time you will get very good at determining for a certain fabric where the cut lines need to be. Another factor that impacts the amount of stretch you need to account for is how large the sign is. The larger the sign the more stretch you’re going to get over that distance the more inward you’ll need to place the KederTape.

When cutting KederTape to the right size your dimension is going to be about a quarter of an inch shorter than the dimension of the frame. If you cut KederTape too long you can easily peel and trim some of the KederTape shorter. One of the benefits of KederTape as opposed to a sewn Keder is that KederTape is repositionable.


KederTape is currently available in three sizes 14x3mm, 12x3mm, and 12.7×1.5mm all of these come on 80-foot spools. If you have questions about our KederTape for your silicone edge graphics, feel free to contact Banner Ups through our website