One of the most popular types of soft signage is called Silicone Edge Graphics (SEG).  With big bright colors and edge-to-edge visuals, they’re one of the most eye-catching types of displays, and it’s no wonder they’re so popular in a wide range of applications.  From high-quality indoor displays, to trade show displays, SEG banners always attract attention.

However, they do have one design flaw.  SEG products require sewing to complete, and that adds significant time and effort to the process of making SEG banners.  Banner Ups has a solution – KederTape LITE.  Let’s talk about how it makes Silicone Edge Graphics so much easier to use.

What’s The Problem with Silicone Edge Graphics?

The thing that makes SEG banners so eye-catching is that the visuals are truly edge-to-edge.  The frame is extremely thin and does not protrude in front of the banner, so it’s nearly invisible.

So how does the frame stay in place?  This is typically achieved by sewing small silicone beads around the very outer edge of the SEG fabric.  Then these beads fit into a corresponding slot in the frame to lock it into place.

The problem is that this requires a fair amount of sewing, and it needs to be highly precise sewing.  If the beads are misaligned with the frame’s slot, the frame won’t fit into place properly.  It might protrude or allow the fabric to slip out – which looks very sloppy.

Banner Ups fixes this with our new KederTape LITE.

kedertape lite logo

How KederTape LITE Fixes SEG Banners

KederTape LITE is an extremely thin double-sided tape designed specifically for use with the fabrics typically seen in Silicone Edge Graphics products.  Using KederTape LITE couldn’t be easier.  You simply fold the edge of the SEG fabric over, apply KederTape LITE around the edges, and then press it into the frame.

A sewing process that could take an hour or more only takes a couple of minutes.  The tape is more than strong enough to hold up to regular use.  It’s also an excellent option to keep around for emergency repairs at a trade show if your SEG banner slips out of its frame.

If you have sewing skills, we also offer KederSew LITE, which can be sewn directly onto the fabric.

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This is just another way that Banner Ups makes it easier to create and hang amazing banners.  Click here to learn more about our KederTape LITE products and to receive a free sample.