Make Fabric Banners and Silicone Edge Graphics Easily with New Banner Ups Products!

Here at Banner Ups, our goal is to make it as easy as possible for businesses to create great-looking banners and other professional display materials without the need for sewing machines or other hardware. So, we’re absolutely thrilled to be able to introduce two brand new products which do just that.

If you want to create Silicone Edge Graphics, our new KederTape is the perfect way to do it – and all you need is a cutting tool.  Or, if you’re trying to hem a fabric banner, our TexTape fabric tape is specially-formulated to stick to cloth.

Let’s take a look…


Introducing KederTape And TexTape


  • KederTape

Silicone Edge Graphics (SEG) are an extremely popular option for presenting fabric graphics in a way that appears frameless, because the edges of the graphic tuck into a thin frame along the sides.  The problem is, this requires stitching silicone beading around the entire edge of the graphic so that it can press into the frame.

At least, that used to be the problem.  With our KederTape, no stitching is required!  KederTape applies simply and quickly, like all our other Banner Ups tapes, and adds that crucial beading to the edge of your fabric banners.  Once applied, a graphic with KederTape can be tucked to any standard SEG frame.

It’s that easy and can drastically cut the time it takes to create SEG banners!

  • TexTape

TexTape is a specialty product designed for any situations where you want to quickly hem a fabric-based banner.  Most tapes (including our other Banner Ups products) have difficulty attaching to cloth – but that’s not the case with TexTape.  TexTape is a double-sided fabric tape, using glue specifically created to bond to a wide variety of cloth and textiles.

We’ve also designed TexTape to work well either indoors or outdoors!  It’s an all-weather fabric tape, able to hold up to wind and rain, and it’s treated to be UV-resistant as well.   If you need to create fabric flags or banners, TexTape can cut your production time while delivering all the strength you’d expect from hand-sewn hemming.


For the Best in Banner Creation Solutions, Come to Banner Ups

Our entire product line is here to help businesses create great banners, flags, trade show displays, and more – quickly, easily, and with a minimum of hassle.  Want to see for yourself?  Contact us directly for free samples!