Fabric signage is seeing major growth in the sign and printing industry. More and more customers are asking for fabric signage. However, sewing can be a large hurdle when trying to finish fabric banners.  We have created Banner Ups KederTape, a perfect no-sew solution!

KederTape will allow you to reach new profitable markets without the hassle of a sewing machine. Simply print your fabric, cut and stick KederTape along the edges. Then tuck the fabric banner into the metal banner frame.

Here is an in-depth guide for installing a Silicon Edge Graphic (SEG) Sign without sewing:


Step 1: Assemble then measure the SEG Frame size.

SEG Frame Measurements

Step 2: Ad a 3/8”-1/2” bleed on art area. Print your graphic with bleed. Cut your image from the fabric.

Fabric cut

Step 3: On the back align the inner edge of KederTape with the outer edge of the image area. Lightly press KederTape onto fabric.

Apply KederTape

Step 4: Test fit the graphic into the frame. In needed peel back and reposition KederTape to achieve the desired level of tension. Firmly press KederTape onto fabric and cut off any excess fabric. Also, cut the corners at 45-degree angles.

Trim fabric

Step 5: Tuck the fabric graphic in the SEG Frame. You can use a nail file or scissors to help tuck the Keder into the frame.

Kedertape in SEG Frame

That’s it! You will end up with a beautiful SEG Sign without touching a sewing machine.


Product of the Year

  • KederTape won the Specialty Graphic Imaging Association’s (SGIA) Product of the Year Award for the laminates, adhesives, films and coatings category (2017). This KederTape adhesive silicone for banner applications makes it possible for anyone to finish fabric SEG signs without sewing equipment.


Start making your own silicone edge graphics (SEG) signs. KederTape comes in an 80-foot spool and is 3mm thick by 14 mm wide. Try one roll of KederTape at a discounted price and free shipping. Click for KederTape Special Offer

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