In the earlier days, banner finishing required equipment such as welding,sewing, or grommetingmachinesto produce a durable banner hem. However, this equipment could cost thousands of dollars and require extensive labor. As a result, the banner finishing processwas costly both financially and in terms of valuable production time, whether it was done in house or outsourced.

Today, thanks to an innovative product line called Banner Ups, you can finish the banner job in a matter of minutes, in your own shop with no special equipment or expertise. You simply print your banner, peel and press-apply Banner Ups, BravoTabs, PowerTabs, or EdgeTabs to the banner corners. For banner finishing more than six feet in length, in addition to placing tabs on the corners, add Banner Ups PowerTape or MegaTape Banner Tape the topand bottom edges of the banner to add even more strength. PowerTape is a single-sided tape that is made of a super strong film and requires no sewing or folding along the hem. MegaTape is a double-sided adhesive tape that has withstood winds up to 98 MPH!

Banner Ups banner tapes are very easy to use. In a simple three step process you can reinforce the banner edges without the need of folding or sewing a hem.