It might not seem like it at first glance, but there are a wide number of uses for the double-sided fabric tape available from Banner Ups. The double-sided fabric tape available from us is strong and designed to hold up under the harshest conditions. It’s also affordable, making it great for a variety of uses.

As one of today’s leading banner hanging and accessories company, we wanted to share with you some of the most popular uses of our double-sided fabric tape, so read on!


  1. Outdoor Banners

The adhesive is designed to provide a high-performance solution when adhering to textiles. TexTape is approximately 23 mils thick and is a great outdoor all-weather tape. It is UV resistant and has a high initial tack and wetting properties. TexTape creates hems for banners, flags, and other fabrics without any sewing equipment and labour.

  1. Indoor Banners

Not only does double-sided fabric tape work well for outdoor banners, but it’s perfect for indoor banners as well. Since it doesn’t require sewing, setting up indoor banners at your event has never been easier. It also works perfectly for hems or pole pockets. Additionally, TexTape is available in rolls of several sizes (9mm, 19mm, and 25mm) making it easy to choose the perfect size for your needs.

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