PoleTape Pro

Make Outdoor Pole Pocket Banners like a PRO!

Banner Ups PoleTape Pro’s new adhesive formula will hold up outdoor banners in tough weather. Adhesive temperature ranges from 0-200°F. PoleTape Pro is a faster and more cost-effective solution than sewing or welding pole pockets. Ordinary double-sided tapes do not have the strength needed to make reliable pole pocket hems. PoleTape can be used to make strong pole pocket hems without sewing or welding. We do recommend that you pre-test PoleTape Pro with your specific media and environment to make sure you are satisfied with adhesion levels. Samples available upon request.


  • Great substitute for expensive “high bond” adhesives
  • Super durable pole banners
  • Recommended for double-sided outdoor banner media
  • No sewing or welding needed!
  • Save time. Create pole pockets instantly.

ATTENTION: Best Practices

  • It is important to use a high-quality double sided blockout banner media for making pole pocket banners. Using 13 oz single sided media is NOT compatible with PoleTape or PoleTape PRO for outdoor durability. The reverse side surface is generally not intended for ink or adhesive application.
  • UV Printed banners are NOT recommended for use with PoleTape or PoleTape PRO. UV Ink has a very low surface energy making it minimally receptive of adhesives. For best results combine PoleTape with banners printed with eco-solvent or solvent inks.
  • When making pole banners for outdoor use, often there is a requirement to include grommets for attachment to light poles. For best results, we recommend grommeting through the PoleTape Pro adhesive at both ends to ensure maximum holding power

PoleTape Pro Videos

How to hang pole banners using PoleTape. PoleTape is a super strong double sided tape used to create pokle pocket banners without sewing or welding. Just apply PoleTape along the top and bottom edge of your banner, remove the tape liner, and fold the pole pocket edge. No more sewing needed. PoleTape is a very aggressive sticky tape. It comes in 1/2″ x 200ft and 1″ x 200ft rolls.



PoleTape Pro Roll on Banner (1)


PoleTape Pro on Banner (1)


PoleTape Pro Fold over


Pole Pocket Banner Closeup



POLEPRO-120 – PoleTape Pro 1“ x 36 yd

Roll Size: 1″ x 108 ft.
Packaging: Individual rolls; 8 rolls per case
Features: Recommended for outdoor banner use. Temp range 0-200°F


What is PoleTape’s temperature range?

Poletape Pro has a higher temperature range of 0-200F°

What is PoleTape’s temperature range?

PoleTape is a rubber based adhesive and that’s where it gets its extremely high tack. One downside to this is that the rubber-based adhesive has a narrower use temperature range (Temp range 0-140 F). If your application is expected to be at the extremes of this range PoleTape may not be the best option. Please feel free to request a free sample to test.

What is the difference between PoleTape and PoleTape Pro?

The main difference between PoleTape and PoleTape Pro is the temperature range. PoleTape is a rubber-based adhesive and because of this has a narrower use temperature range (Temp range 0-140 F). In comparison Poletape Pro has a higher temperature range of 0-200F°