BannerUps was founded with a simple idea: making it cheaper and easier for businesses to create their own hanging banners!  Our product lines are designed to make grommeting signs easier while providing the same level of strength and reliability you’d expect from expensive professional jobs.

Our PowerPunch was designed with this in mind, but it’s more than a one-trick pony.  The PowerPunch is a superior all-purpose hole punch which is great for banners but can also be used in so many more applications throughout your business.

How A PowerPunch Simplifies Banner Grommeting

The PowerPunch is a heavy-duty hole punch that’s designed to punch through commonplace banner and sign materials with ease.  The sturdy construction and large, strong spring are designed to shift maximum power from your hand to the hole punch, giving it a strength well beyond typical hole punches.

A PowerPunch can punch through banner materials up to 4.5mm, such as vinyl or coroplast, creating holes 5/16″ in diameter.  Of course, it also easily punches through Banner Ups products such as our Power Tabs. clear Bravo Tabs, and heavy gauge Power Tape.  Combined, it gives you a one-and-done solution for punching holes without the need for grommets.

Using the PowerPunch along with Banner Ups adhesive tabs is simple.  You just apply an adhesive tab to each corner of the banner.  The tabs come with a hole pre-punched already, which makes it easier to line up the punch.  Then a single squeeze, and you have a perfectly shaped hole in your banner corner, ready to have string or wire strung through it.

PowerPunch is also the best option if you’re working with coroplast!  Traditional grommeting methods tend to crumple the coroplast material, making it look sloppy.  However, PowerPunch goes straight through without harming the surrounding material, for a cleaner look.

Best of all, we’ve designed PowerPunch units for the long term.  They feature superb build quality, and they’re lightweight in the hand despite their power.  They also support replaceable punch heads, so a single PowerPunch can easily last for years with only minimum maintenance.  Thanks to this quality, and its high strength, you’ll likely find that you have plenty of other uses for the PowerPunch around the office – whenever you need to punch holes in tough materials!

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