Why struggle with plastic grommets, banner eyelets, and banner hangers when you have a much smarter alternative at hand? For those who haven’t yet tried these little wonders called Banner Ups®, here’s some news. Banner Ups® are the easiest way to make super-strong banners that can stand the toughest indoor and outdoor conditions. In fact, they have been wind tunnel-tested and have withstood wind at the speed of 50 to 70 miles per hour. And, these ready-to-use adhesive grommet tabs are surprisingly cost-effective.
Whether it’s a kiddies’ party where you might have kids tugging at the banner, or an outdoor promotional banner that is exposed to strong winds, adhesive grommet tabs for plastic eyelets are the last word in convenience and longevity.Their secret lies in a super-strong adhesive system that is formulated for use in several temperature ranges and environmental conditions

Here’s what Banner Ups® for plastic eyelets do that plastic grommets don’t:

  • They enable you to create your banner blanks in a matter of minutes without the use of special tools.
    • These adhesive grommet tabs are compatible for use with a myriad of banner media including but not limited to scrim polypropylene, vinyl, Tyvek®, Valeron®, Foamcore®, Coroplast®, polyethylene and so on.
    • These versatile adhesive tabs for plastic eyelets have numerous uses making them exceedingly versatile. For instance, they can be used for making point-of-purchase displays. Any time you need a fastener for fabric or film, reach for Banner Ups®!
    • Banner Ups® spread the stress of winds over a larger surface area than plastic grommets do, thus allowing your banner to endure harsh outdoor environments.

To watch informative videos and learn how to use Banner Ups®, visit https://bannerups.com/bannerups.aspx. Remember, we are only a call or email away.