Banner hangers and grommets are the most reliable way to hang signs and banners for your office Christmas party. However, not all banner hangers are created equally. Some are good, others are better, but only Banner Upsprovide the lasting quality you need. Continue reading to learn more about why Banner Ups are the universal solution to all of your office Christmas party needs.
Good Banner Hanger: Plain Grommets
Plain grommets are the most common and can be made from brass or other lightweight metals, plastic, and rubber. They are essentially designed for light duty applications, such as indoor and outdoor Christmas signs and decorations. Most plain grommets are made of metal. Although metal is notoriously durable, these types of banner hangers are often used outside and are subject to rusting. However, Banner Ups are made from a durable proprietary blend of composite material that will not rust.

Better Banner Hanger: Spur Grommet
Spur grommets get their name from the spurs or small spurs on the female part of the device. The teeth dig into the sign’s fabric and wrap around the male part of the device, which prevents spinning and provides a strong grip. These grommets can be created from stainless steel, brass, or nickel, which make them subject to rusting. Spur grommets are essentially designed for handling heavier Christmas decorations; such as tie down Santa’s. While spur grommets are handy, they are extremely difficult to install and require special hardware. In contrast, Banner Ups require no special equipment and can easily be installed in a matter of minutes.

The Best Banner Hanger: Power Ups Banner Ups
Banner Ups products are created from a proprietary mixture of plastics that are three times as strong of grommets used in most products. Banner Ups will not rust and are the ideal solution for hanging Christmas decorations and more. Unlike spur grommets, Banner Ups products require no special hardware or equipment to install. Instead, they come with a simple and patented peel and stick application.

So even after your plain or spur grommet has failed on your Christmas ornaments or lights, you can quickly repair it with Banner Ups. Banner Ups offers a full line of innovative products designed to make sure your Christmas decorations stay in usable condition for several years to come. Best of all, Banner Ups come in multiple shapes, colors, and a clear design, which ensures your digital signage colors always shine through.
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