Banners are a wonderful way to advertise your business, a promotion, or event. However, traditionally hung pole banners tend to need replacing regularly since the hems tend to rip in stormy or windy weather. The industrial strength PoleTape from Banner Ups is the ideal solution.

Here’s how businesses can save time and money when they make pole pocket banners with our PoleTape.

Traditionally Hung Pole Banners

Without the use of PoleTape, hems need to be manually sewn or welded into place. This involves the time consuming, repetitive task of folding hems and stitching them into place. Man-hours alone can add up quickly, particularly if your business does not have industrial sewing equipment. Often businesses with limited time and budgets potentially losing out on a lot of new customer dollars if they don’t own a sewing machine or welder to finish pole pockets.

Make Pole Pocket Banners with PoleTape Instead

PoleTape is a super strong adhesive strip that binds banner media together to form the pole pockets.  While it is applied like tape, it has the adhesive strength of glue that works well in both indoor and outdoor applications. Since it is double sided, application is nearly effortless. You can make pole pocket banners in less time than the standard way, reducing wasted time and effort. 

The Benefits of Using Banner Ups’ PoleTape

When you make pole pocket banners using PoleTape, you will save time and money as well as other benefits, which include:

  • No special equipment needed
  • Works great for double sided banners
  • Instantly achieve results
  • Can be used for other applications like mounting signs onto brick walls

There are two main sizes of PoleTape.

  1. Pole135 – 35 millimeters thick and 1 inch width, ideal for outdoor use.
  2. Pole050 – 20 millimeters thick and 1/2-inch width, perfect for indoor use.

For projects that need extra durability we also offer our PoleTape Pro, which is rated for temperatures between 0°F and 200°F and works well in harsher weathers. For best results wipe the area with alcohol to achieve max adhesion. The longer PoleTape sets the strong the bond.

Banner Ups Can Help

To learn more about making pole pocket banners with PoleTape or request a FREE catalog and sample, please contact the team at Banner Ups today!