SEGDesign side rails are available from stock and pre-cut common lengths for your silicone edge graphics. However, SEGDesign frames are made of a durable ABS plastic and can be easily cut to size with a chop saw and even a handsaw. Allowing you to make custom size SEG frames in house with no special tools!

The SEGDesign side rails are straight cuts so no mitered corners. When using a chop saw we recommend using a blade with a hundred teeth. This will allow for clean cuts through the ABS plastic. Use a square to precisely adjust the saw in both directions. You can cut multiple rails at the same time for faster finishing. When cutting multiple rails we recommend using masking tape to stabilize the rails together.

When the rails are evenly taped together measure and mark the desired length. Subtract three inches to the total length to take an account for the one-and-a-half-inch corner pieces. For example, when measuring a 48 inch frame side the rails should be cut to 45 inches. To ensure safety and clean accurate cuts clamp the rails to the saw in multiple places. Use a nail file or hard bristle brush to clean and remove excess plastic debris.

For small cuts use a wood piece as backing extended all the way across the back brace. This will stabilize the plastic to ensure a clean cut. SEGDesign is available in several pre-cut lengths of 15 inch, 21 inch, 33 inch, 45 inch, and 93 inch which are already sized for the corners. For example, a 93 inch side rail will create 8-foot sides with the corners. If you have any questions about our silicone edge graphics products be sure to contact Banner Ups through the website