Installing Banner UPS Silicone Edge Graphic (SEGDesign) frames is easy using the accessories and techniques demonstrated in this blog. To begin installation use a stud finder to locate studs within walls. Once the stud is found mark the stud location on the wall.

Getting Started with Your Silicone Edge Graphics Design Frame

SEGDesign cleats have an adhesive backing for easy stick and install. Use a level to ensure an even and straight install. If desired use SEGDesign rails to level additional cleats. Once leveled screw cleats into walls. Silicone Edge Graphics Design cleats are designed so that the screw hole is located exactly 2 inches below the installed frame edge.

For larger frames such as an 8 foot by 4 foot we recommend building the frames from the top down. It is easier to build the top half on the ground and then lift and fit it to the top wall cleats. Start by connecting the top part of the frame rails to the T connectors and corner pieces. By attaching the vertical pieces we create an M shape that will easily mount to the top cleats.

Next install the t-connector on the bottom middle rail. After the middle T connector is installed we will connect the bottom rails. When installing the bottom rails it helps only to partially attach, just to give the structure stability. This allows for flex within the bottom rails. Once all rails are partially connected to the T connectors and corner pieces push them completely together. Check to make sure all connection points are securely pressed together.

Stick the bottom wall cleats over the bottom rails and side rails where ever desired. It is important to fasten all corners and T connectors to the wall using all appropriate anchors. Fasten the wall cleats by drilling through the center hole and studs. With KederTape adhered to all four sides of the fabric begin by tucking the fabric into the corners of the frame. Once the fabric corners are tucked into place proceed to tuck the rest of the Keder fabric edges.

For easy removal of the fabric from the frame you can place KederTape pull tabs on a corner. Press the KederTape pool tab on the edge of the fabric before you tuck the edge within the frame. Once the fabric is tucked the clear KederTape pull tab will slightly stick out for you to grab and remove the fabric from the frame rail slots.

Contact Banner UPS for Help

If you have any questions regarding our Silicone Edge Graphics frames, be sure to contact us through the website