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SEGDesign 2.0

SEGDesign Modular SEG Frames

Are you ready to start making profitable SEG (silicone edge graphic) signage?

SEGDesign frames are a snap to put together, no tools or brackets needed. The frames are made from a durable ABS polymer so you can easily cut to any size.  Easy to paint with commonly available spray paint to make your image pop.

KederTape LITE works perfectly with SEGDesing frames. It is a high-quality keder laminated with a premium pressure-sensitive adhesive. Simply peel and stick to textile prints. Then insert into SEG frames no sewing required!


  • Easy way to make silicone edge graphics
  • Make SEG signs instantly in house without sewing
  • Modular design for easy assembly
  • Made of damage-resistant ABS
  • Easy to create any custom size in house in minutes
  • NO special tools needed
  • Easily add color with spray paint
  • Lightweight and easy to ship. Won’t bend or dent like aluminum.
  • Total lower cost than comparable aluminum frames.


SEGDesign Videos


In this video we show you how to easily make fabric frames with Banner Ups SEGDesign 2.0 system. SEGDesign 2.0 is a modular fabric framing system. You can easily make and hang a fabric display frame without any special tools or equipment.


KederTape LITE Video

SEGDesign Installation Guide

8x10 Demo Frame Instructions



cut fabric


apply kedertape lite


snap together frames


tuck into frame


Wall Cleat


SEGDesign 2.0

Try a SEGDesign Starter Kit

Part number: STARTKTSEG2-AS2

  • 1 8″x10″ 15mm Frame

  • Promo Fabric

  • 4 Pieces of KederTape LITE

$29.99 $50


Frame Sets


Frame Size: 18″ x 24″
Packaging: 9 frames sets per case
Features: Full set of SEGDesign frame rails and corners. KederTape LITE sold separately.

Frame Size: 24″ x 36″
Packaging: 9 frames sets per case
Features: Full set of SEGDesign frame rails and corners. KederTape LITE sold separately.

Frame Size: 36″ x 48″
Packaging: 9 frames sets per case
Features: Full set of SEGDesign frame rails and corners. KederTape LITE sold separately.

Side Rails


Rail Size: 110″
Packaging: 12 rails/case
Features: Silver ABS plastic frame rails

Rail Size: 110″
Packaging: 60 rails/case
Features: Silver ABS plastic frame rails

Internal Connector


Corner Size: 15mm
Packaging: 48 corners/case
Features: Internal Corner

Wall Cleat


Packaging: 48 cleats/case
Features: Adhesive cleat hang SEG frames

Straight Connector


Packaging: 48 connectors/case
Features: Expand rail size with internal connectors

External Corner


Corner Size: 15mm
Packaging: 48 corners/case
Features: Snap together corners



Corner Size: 15mm
Packaging: 48 corners/case
Features: Snap together T-Connector to expand rail size


What is the largest rail size?

The largest rail size is 110” (8ft with corners attached)

What is the size frame you can make?

Unlimited size. Using the available stock lengths of side rails (15”, 21”, 33”, 45”, 93”) with corners and t connectors, any size can be created.

Does in only come in silver color?

Yes, to imitate the color of aluminum.

Can you paint or wrap the frames?

Yes, you can easily paint or wrap SEGDesign rails. For paint, we would recommend Krylon Fusion or other paints approved for plastic. Two coats for best appearance. SEGDesign has been tested and approved for Matthews Paints, no primer needed.

How do I cut the rails?

A chop saw or hand miter saw will easily cut through SEGDesign rails. With chop saws we recommend a high tooth count, approximately 100 teeth.

Is there a floor standing version available?

Currently there are no floor standing versions of SEGDesign. We hope to develop that soon.

What profile heights are available?

Currently 15 mm. Coming soon, 38 mm (1.75 in)

Is a backlit version available?

15 mm profile is not recommended for backlit applications. 38 mm will possibly be available backlit (TBD)

Can you use vinyl or canvas in the SEGDesign frames?

Possibly in lighter weights, but most vinyl or canvas are too stiff to work well with the SEGDesign system.

How do you hang the frames?

First measure out the wall and find the center point and mark it. Then find studs along the wall with a stud finder. Use Banner Ups adhesive wall cleats to stick and level out the rails. Once leveled screw all cleats and SEGDesign corners to the wall. You can watch a step by step playlist here:


Marci Wall
Marci Wall
October 12, 2021.
Banner Ups are the most convenient and easiest way to grommet your banners. I use the Bravo tabs and will absolutely never metal grommet again. Once applied, they are as strong as any metal grommet and when combined with banner tape, outdoor banners are a breeze. I have several customers who love the way they work and one very large commercial customer who wants nothing else. Thanks for a great product!!
Dave Sehl
Dave Sehl
October 2, 2021.
I use these and love them. I made a banner 4 years ago for a client that mounted it to a steel building for a sign. It is still hanging good today. Great product!
Don Long
Don Long
October 23, 2018.
Great display and product offerings at SGIA....The only way to go for banner accessories.
Barb Tucker
Barb Tucker
May 23, 2018.
These are the easiest, fastest way to put up banners. Don't know why anyone uses grommets!
May 2, 2018.
The banner up products work great and are quick and easy to install. I find them to be worth the extra expense over grommets due to their superior strength. In the long run they work out more cost effective for exterior banners exposed to wind as you can skip the time and energy of adding hems.
May 1, 2018.
Well, we don't use brass grommets anymore!! Love the Bravo Tabs! Thanks for a great product!
Michael Crane
Michael Crane
May 1, 2018.
I am a school teacher. We have been using the banner up products for some time now. It really cuts down on the labor time for producing banners and simple for students.
Chris Jackson
Chris Jackson
May 1, 2018.
The Keder tape is great for silicone edge graphics. The tape is very easy to use and best of all you don't need a sewing machine. We also use the power tape. This is a great alternative to webbing. Cost effective and does not require any special tools.
Revolt Ministries
Revolt Ministries
April 30, 2018.
Banner Ups are AMAZING! They have changed our banner making process soooo much FOR THE BETTER! ease of installation plus the banners just LOOK BETTER, cleaner appearance - ROLL UP BETTER for storing - and the application process to apply them and finish the banners is such a breeze! Will never go back to the other way of finishing banners! Thank you guys for being such a joy to work with! You guys have gone out of your way numerous times to help us get the job done for our customers! We appreciate you! Highly recommend!