SEG Made Simple… and Beautiful

SEG Frame Modular system – fast and easy to assemble

  • No assembly tools needed. SEG framesnap together instantly.
  • Can be pressure fit, screw-secured, or glued.
  • Corner Pieces and T-Connectors make unlimited size and shapes easy.
  • No mitered corners / All straight cut sides
  • Cut with any hand or power saw. Custom sizes are a breeze!

Superior to Aluminum

  • Lower total cost than aluminum SEG frames. 100% MADE IN USA (PAT. pending)
  • Lighter weight than aluminum – easier to ship and hang
  • Breaks down to shippable sizes – NO UPS/FedEx surcharge!
  • No hidden hardware or cutting charges

Add SEG GRAPHIC DESIGN to your SEG frames – wrappable, paintable, designable!

  • Stock color – Silver Aluminum
  • Add silicone edge graphic color easily with common spray paint (Krylon Fusion 28 colors**)
  • Match customer’s logo or image color!
  • Let your creativity flow! “Upsell” through beautiful design.


Environmentally-friendly polymer

  • NON-PVC recyclable polymer (important to large retailers)

Works great with KederTape – a complete simple solution

  • Enter the SEG market NOW, with no equipment cost.

Readily available in versatile SEG frame styles through select Distributors

  • Standard prepackaged kit sizes (18×24, 24×36, 36×48)
  • Available in bulk for high volume, low cost
  • Banner Ups – a trusted supplier who SUPPORTS YOUR business.

Enhances the value of complementary products:

  • Ask us for a list of approved recommended Textile Media.
  • Latex, Dye Sub, Eco-Solvent – Get more out of your printer!



Try our easy printing templates to achieve the best fabric fit with SEGDesign Frames. 

[Click to view/download printing templates]

"Banner Ups are super easy to use, and you can’t beat the clear! We have never looked back. Thanks for helping us stay ahead of the competition!

Pensacola, FL

"A simple inexpensive solution that works. Really appreciate it. I've been in the business a long time- great fix for a very common problem."

Jack L,
Austin, Tx