So, why hasn’t it happened? The reason is systematic:

  • Because recycling systems for other polymers doesn’t work for reinforced PVC, the most common banner media. PVC has been called the poison plastic by environmental groups due to the environmental effect of production, use and disposal.
  • PVC banners are a mixed waste of vinyl film and polyester scrim.
  • Most banners contain grommet, which must be removed at a high cost.
  • Finding a buyer for large volumes is difficult

But now there is a solution.

Banner materials made of easily recyclable polyolefin materials such as poly propylene and polyethylene have been growing in use for years – first in the billboard industry and now in banners, due to their high strength, light weight and low cost. Industry leaders such as HP are leading the charge in the area of recyclable banner media production.

One media supplier, LexJet has even created a fully integrated recycling process that includes a buyer of the waste.

Finally, Banner Ups has now created a large-scale grommet-free production method

Banner Ups products are a system of pressure sensitive adhesive banner finishing that eliminates the need for grommets.

Corporate Sustainability Mandates

Most national advertisers and global companies under corporate environmental sustainability mandates to reduce waste. These global corporate citizens can now be presented with a real way to achieve banner sustainability.
They can:

Banner Ups product banner benefits include:

  • Banner Ups are stronger and much more resistant to tearing out than grommets.
  • When tabs are combined with Banner Ups PowerTape hem reinforcing tape, banners can be made extremely strong. Wind tunnel tests have shown Banner Ups banners can withstand winds up to 90+mph.
  • Banner Ups products are all made of 100% recyclable materials, polyethylene, polypropylene, and polyester.
  • Banner Ups has now introduced the BravoBanner automated banner finishing machine that can automatically finish high banner volumes at a low cost.
  • Use sustainable banner media (such as HP media) and finishing materials (such as Banner Ups)
  • Buy print from a BravoBanner-ready printer who can finish recyclable banners in high volumes at a low cost
  • Be linked to a high volume waste consumer as LexJet has done
  • Achieve their sustainability goals.

Banner recycling on a large scale is now possible due to new technologies. For more information please contact Rick Hatton – President, El. L. Hatton Sales / Banner Ups.