When promoting your brand at upcoming events, gaining knowledge about the latest promotional graphics and banner options can help give your company a competitive edge. Our team at Banner Ups works to help our clients make stronger, more effective banners for their events. In our latest post, we’ll explain more about the performance of silicone edge graphics and the benefits of their use for promotions and fabric displays.

Designed to fit neatly within the frame

Silicone edge graphics (SEG) are a printed fabric graphic with a thin silicone beading sewn around the edges. The beading ensures the fabric fits neatly within the SEG frame. They are often used to mitigate the need for rigid metal framing systems that can be difficult to install and work with during promotional activities.

What are the benefits of silicone edge graphics for my brand?

Your company can benefit from the use of silicone edge graphics in a number of ways. The following are examples of the benefits the products bring:

  • Flexibility

Graphics can be easily changed within the frame to give the brand promotional flexibility both during eventsand over long-standing marketing campaigns.

  • Affordable

Brands can save money when choosing silicone edge graphics for large fabric displays. The fabric is much less cumbersome than traditional vinyl media and so shipping is simplified, and transportation costs are reduced considerably. In addition, companies don’t have to worry about the risk of a banner wrinkling during the shipping process.

  • Custom built framing

Companies are also working with silicone edge graphics to bring custom built frames into their retail spaces and events. The framing company can design the frame according to the unique needs of the client. Free-standing, backlit and ceiling-suspended graphic styles can all be offered through the use of silicone edge graphics.

Turn to Banner Ups for SEGDesign Kits

Our team at Banner Ups is now helping you capitalize on the value of silicone edge graphics with the SEGDesign Starter Kit. The kit includes several unique frame sizes as well as KederTape for integrating the graphics within the frame easily.

To discover more about the value of silicone edge graphics for your campaigns, contact our team today.