Even in a digital age of electronic blinking signs and digital displays, old-fashioned banners are still a highly effective form of advertising and outreach.  Banners are extremely affordable to produce, meaning you’ll quickly see a return on your investment – much more quickly than expensive electronics!

Better yet, there are a wide variety of banner types on the market, suitable for different applications.  These are some of the most common and popular types.

Five Highly Effective Banner Types  

  • Vinyl banners

The most basic type of banner is still one of the most effective.  Vinyl banners are simply a message or artwork printed directly onto sturdy vinyl.  Vinyl is highly durable, both indoors and out, and can last for years with proper care.  Banner Ups products work great on vinyl banners making it easy and affordable to hang.

  • Fabric banners

The main benefit of fabric banners is that they allow for higher-quality artwork than vinyl.  However, the tradeoff is that banners made of fabric are much easier to damage.  They’re most useful indoors, where you can limit their exposure to sunlight or other weather conditions that could fade or tear them.  Banner ups TexTape is a perfect solution for hemming fabric banners.

  • Mesh banners

Mesh banners function much like vinyl banners and are usually also made of synthetic plastic fiber, but they are woven into a mesh that allows for air to pass through the banner.  This makes them perfect for outdoor applications when it’s going to be windy – they won’t be pulled by the wind as much.  However, their visuals will not be as distinct when the viewer is close-up, due to the mesh.  Banner Ups products are a great alternative to grommets when working with mesh.  We recommend using Clear PowerTape and BravoTabs for mesh.  Banner Ups method is superior to folding a hem because mesh banner media is often stiff and difficult to fold.

  • Step and repeat banners

Step and repeat banners utilize the same small piece of artwork, repeated over and over, shifted up and over slightly each time.  This makes for an excellent backdrop, and so step and repeat banners are extremely common at expositions, public appearances, and other promotional events.

  • Retractable banners

Banners can be crafted that fit onto rollers, much like old-style roll-up blinds.  This allows them to be stored within the roller when not in use, giving them excellent protection from the elements while in storage.  All that’s necessary to deploy them is to give them a pull to reveal the banner within.  These are most commonly used at trade show events.

Banner Ups makes the accessories that complete your banners, including our revolutionary Power Tab grommet alternatives.  Click here for a free sample of our products!