Before a banner is hung, it needs to be finished!

“Finishing” refers to the process of completing a banner and making it ready to be hung up.  Custom banner finishing happens after the banner is printed, and it’s critical that the right finishing option be selected, or else it might not be up for long.  Fortunately, there are several different ways to finish a custom banner, depending on your needs.

These are some of the most common choices.


Grommets are probably the most frequently-used finishing option.  This involves inserting metal loops into the banner, to provide attachment points.  The main issue with grommets is that they can be difficult to attach, especially without doing other damage to the banner.


Most custom banner finishing involves hemming the sides, folding them over themselves to create extra-strong edges.  These are then securely sewn or stapled in place so the edges are double-thick.

Pole Pockets

Pole pockets are created by leaving extra material on the sides of the banner, then folding them over and attaching them to create a hole running the length of the side.  Then poles can be slipped into these holes, to hang the banner on a pole.

Nylon-Web D-Rings

When a banner is going to be facing a lot of rough treatment, such as severe winds, it may receive an extra layer of nylon webbing on the back to add strength.  Then D-rings are sewn to the nylon as attachment points.  This is a relatively expensive process and is typically only used on very large banners, such as one meant to hang on the side of a building.

Banner Ups

Banner Ups are an alternative to grommets which don’t require any sewing, crimping, or other mechanical enhancement.  They’re plastic tabs that securely attach to the corners of a banner, creating attachment points.  Banner Ups are extremely strong and are a good choice for people without access to the machinery needed for grommetting.

Power Tape

Power Tape provides a quick and easy alternative to traditional hemming.  Instead of sewing or stapling, Power Tape uses a strong adhesive tape to reinforce the edges of a banner.  Combined with Power-Ups, this allows custom banner finishing which is much faster and cheaper than traditional methods.

Banner Ups products are designed to simplify the process of finishing and hanging custom banners!  Click here to order a free sample and see for yourself.