When looking at physical advertising options and materials, banners are one of the best overall choices.  Banners are reasonably inexpensive to create and can potentially last for years – and many reuses – if they’re cared for.  A well-made banner is a truly excellent advertising tool.

While there are numerous materials that a banner could be made from, vinyl banners are by far the most popular option. Why? There are plenty of reasons.

Five Reasons Businesses Choose Vinyl Banners

1 – Vinyl is strong, and you can choose how strong

Vinyl is an inherently strong material, capable of standing up to quite a lot of abuse without tearing.  This makes it excellent for outdoor applications, such as situations where winds can be expected.  Additionally, vinyl comes in a variety of thicknesses (typically measured by weight, in ounces) so you can tailor your banner to its expected usage conditions.

2 – Vinyl is affordable

The exact price of a vinyl banner will depend on its thickness and the printing method used, but broadly speaking, it’s only around $8-$12 per square foot.  Considering that a banner made of vinyl could be used for years nonstop, that’s a lot of potential impressions for a small amount of money.

3 – Mesh can make vinyl even stronger

Are you looking at an extremely challenging application, such as hanging a huge banner on the side of a large building that will get a lot of wind and rain?  A tough polyester mesh can be added to the back of the banner, giving it far more resilience in difficult conditions.  Of course, this does add to the price.

4 – Vinyl can be flexible

Typically vinyl is a fairly stiff material (think vinyl records) but this isn’t always the case.  It can be mixed with a polymeric plasticizer which softens the vinyl, allowing it to move and flow in the wind.  This helps it be more eye-catching, as well as less likely to be caught by the wind and torn away.

5 – Numerous attachment options are available

A banner isn’t finished until it’s ready to be hung, and there are numerous ways a vinyl banner can be finished.  Grommets or other holes on the corners are the most common option, but they can also be folded in on itself to create pockets for poles to be inserted into.

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