For many years, grommets were the only option for those that wished to raise banners at local events. Grommets lacked the durability and the performance required for the job, and many struggled to use them effectively. Using grommets can limit the amount of appeal you achieve with your banners, and it’s the reason that many are now turning to the BravoTabs from our team at Banner Ups. In this latest post, we’ll explain the benefits of BravoTabs compared with grommet options.

Clear to allow color to shine through

One of the leading benefits of BravoTabs compared with grommets is that they’re clear so that the colors of the display shine through the tabs. This means you don’t reduce the aesthetic value of the display in the same way you would when using grommets.

Fast and easy to install

Another clear benefit of BravoTabs compared with a grommet is they’re fast and easy to install. When you’re working local events, dealing with grommets can be difficult. These small products can take time to place and you may miss out on crucial promotional time setting up your banners. BravoTabs can be used to set up your banner in mere minutes, giving your company a significant promotional advantage at your events.

Affordable pricing

BravoTabs are also far more affordable than the equivalent grommet product. You’ll spend far less of your marketing budget on supplies when you replace your grommets with our leading class product. It’s the reason so many growing companies are now adding BravoTabs to their event supplies selection.


Banner ups now offering a full range of banner products

Our team at Banner Ups continually invests in the latest products to ensure your team has the required supplies for mounting banners. We offer a wide range of options and can answer your questions to help guide you in choosing supplies. To discover more about our BravoTabs or any of the leading-class products in our catalog, call us today.