Are you planning to create a new wall display for your company? Perhaps you want to do something a little different and use a material that will really stand out. Well, there are many different reasons why silicon edge graphics could be the ideal material for you. At Banner Ups, we’ve helped hundreds highlight their business through the use of innovative wall displays and have collected some insight for you.

Here are some of the leading benefits of using silicone edge graphics for your wall displays.

High-Resolution Graphics

If you want your wall displays to be sharp and high-quality, using silicone edge graphics is a must. This is because they’re printed using a special dye-sublimation process that embeds colors deeply into the fabric rather than simply on the surface, meaning richer colors and more depth.

LED Lighting Options

Another great benefit of investing in silicon edge graphics for your wall displays is because they can also be equipped with LED lighting options to create one-of-a-kind visual displays. Installing LED backlighting will really make your wall display jump out at passersby.

Easy Setup & Removal

When it comes to setting up and taking down your wall displays, silicon edge graphics couldn’t make things easier. In fact, many retail establishments favor silicone edge graphics because replacing them each season with new wall displays is incredibly easy, simply switch out the old graphics for the new one and voila!

Easy Maintenance and Shipping

Unlike other display materials, silicone edge graphics are very easy to maintain. All they require is an occasional cleaning with a damp cloth or can be used in the washing machine. Also because silicone edge gpahics are made of fabric they can be folded and easily shipped.

Affordable Options

Our SEGDesign frames and KederTape are a great affordable option. The SEGDesign frame is made of a durable ABS plastic and is less expansive that traditional aluminum frames. With KederTape simply peel and stick onto the fabric. You do not have to sew in the rubber gasket to tuck into the frames. This will save you time and money in labor cost.

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