Frequently asked question about Banner Ups, PowerTabs®, BravoTabs®, PowerTape® and MegaTape®

PowerTabs are used for virtually the same application as Banner Ups. They simply include several product innovations. For instance, PowerTabs are made of a super strong engineered multi-ply film. This film is just as strong as the thicker plastic from which Banner Ups are made, but because it is thinner it blends more invisibly into the banner surface. Also, the shape of the PowerTabs is different, making them more natural looking on a banner corner. Both tabs can be mounted horizontally or vertically on the banner, but the Banner Up can also be mounted at a 45 degree angle. Finally, PowerTabs are mounted on a release sheet making them much easier and faster to peel and stick than regular Banner Ups, a factor which becomes more important on larger volume jobs.

On the other hand, regular Banner Ups have a foam adhesive system which can be an advantage when adhering to uneven surfaces. Though PowerTabs have been embraced enthusiastically by the graphics industry, we still have many loyal customers for whom Banner Ups remain the product of choice.

Banner Ups and PowerTabs® are designed specifically to withstand outdoor conditions. The polymer films and adhesive systems are engineered for use in the widest possible range of temperatures and environmental conditions. If you want a banner that will last for a year of continuous use, or many years of seasonal use, we would recommend that you buy a heavy duty banner material, reinforced with webbing and grommets. However, if you are creating an economical banner that will be used for between a few weeks and a few months, you can use Banner Ups and PowerTabs® with confidence. We have had customers tell us they had our products on banners that lasted over a year and were still going strong!

The first difference is that PowerTape is not double sided. It is a single sided tape, but it is made with a super strong film so that you get the strength of a hem without the hassle. With regular double sided banner hemming tape, you must lay down tape all along the edge of the banner, then carefully fold the fabric and press it against the tape. Most people find this to be a real pain! It takes some practice to get it right, plus, if you mess up you have to start all over or the hem looks awful.

Using PowerTape helps avoid another common problem with regular double sided tape. When banner fabric is folded, it has a “memory” and wants to unfold. If the tape adhesive softens or fails to maintain adhesion, this force will cause the hem to unfold, especially in warm weather. Since there is no fold with PowerTape, this potential problem simply disappears.

PowerTape is a single sided tape that comes on a convenient self wound roll. To use it you simply lay the banner face down on a table, apply PowerTabs and strip PowerTape along the top and bottom edge of the unfinished banner on top of the PowerTabs , punch a hole through the tab center hole, the tape, and banner media. Then, fasten your rope, and you are ready to go. It may seem obvious, but the tape goes on the back of the banner.

There are a few tips that will help. First, it helps if you can clamp both ends of the banner on a table with just a little tension to remove the any wrinkles. Next, you don’t need to place the PowerTape exactly along the edge. It is better to give yourself 1/8″ to 1/4″ leeway to allow for any slight wandering as you go down the banner. You will develop your own technique, but we have always found it helpful to pull off an arms length of tape at a time and lay that down, using some tension to keep the tape straight then pull off another, etc.

It is very important to put the PowerTape on top of the PowerTabs. Why? Because the tape has a silicone release coating on it to make self wound rolls possible. As a result, if you put the PowerTape down first the tabs will not stick to the PowerTape! Try it and see. If you discover a situation where you really want to adhere the tabs over the tape, you may dissolve the silicone release coating from the surface of the PowerTape by gently rubbing the tape film surface with a rag soaked in nail polish remover (don’t overdo it – it could melt the plastic film too!). This will quickly remove the silicone release coat and adhesive will stick to it.

We normally do not recommend this. PowerTape works just fine when used only along the top and bottom edge. That said, some customers desire extreme strength for extreme conditions. They have used the above nail polish technique to allow overlapping the tape at the corners and lay PowerTape on all four sides of the banner. You may apply tape along the top and bottom edge, then dissolve the release coating within a couple of inches of all four corners, using the nail polish remover as described above, then run a strip along both vertical edges, overlapping on the newly cleaned corners. Finally, apply the PowerTabs at the corners over the 3-layer sandwich of banner fabric and two layers of tape, punch a hole through the center hole of the tab and the tape layers, fasten your rope through the hole and, COME ON WIND!

There is virtually no value to running PowerTape only a short distance from the corner without going continuously to the other corner. The secret to the strength of the PowerTape is the way it evenly distributes wind stress along the entire top and bottom edge of the banner and the ropes supporting the banner so that no one area takes too big a portion of the wind load.

PowerTape is normally needed on outdoor banners only when the greatest strength is required. If you are not sure if the banner will be used indoors or out it may pay to use PowerTape. PowerTape has an added benefit even for indoor banner in that it gives some stiffness to the banner edge and helps reduce edge curl.

It is possible, for indoor banners, but definitely not recommended for outdoor banners. PowerTape has only moderate strength when used by itself, but tremendous strength when used over PowerTabs.

PowerTabs and PowerTape are designed to be used as a system and when used correctly give strength far in excess of grommets alone. Some customers will simply use PowerTape in place of double sided tape and then install grommets without using PowerTabs. This will give some additional strength, but not nearly as much as with the tabs..

The two questions above need to be considered together because the answers relate to the amount of strength required for your application. There are several degrees of strength that can be achieved with the Banner Ups, and PowerTabs/ PowerTape system. We recommend that for indoor or light duty outdoor use you may use either Mini Banner Ups or Mini PowerTabs. In either case simply apply a mini tab directly to each corner of your banner and then use the tab’s center hole to fasten the rope. Similarly, for indoor or light duty outdoor you may use the Large Banner Ups or PowerTabs with the rope attached through the corner loop.

For the next degree of strength, use the large tabs with the rope through the center hole. This can be used for most outdoor situations with banners in the range of 8 foot length and under.

For the maximum strength, use both PowerTabs and PowerTape as described above. This is recommended for banners of lengths in excess of 8 feet or where maximum wind exposure is expected. Naturally no banner can be guaranteed to withstand all possible environmental conditions, but consider this strength data.

The strength of a rope when tied through the center hole of a mini tab or through the loop of a large tab will hold up to about 50 lbs of force. A rope tied through the center hole of a large Banner Ups or PowerTabs will hold up to about triple that force -150 lbs. With the addition of PowerTape that number goes to over 200 lbs of strength. That means when you use the PowerTabs/ PowerTape system on all four corners you can create super strong banners that can withstand up to 800 lbs of wind load!

Banner Ups EdgeTabs can be used along the edges of banners when additional fastening points are desired. EdgeTabs’ square shape makes them look great along the edges, but also allows you to use them at the corners.

Crystal Clear EdgeTabs are larger and stronger than the Crystal Clear Mini PowerTabs. They have the handy “neck loop” for light duty or indoor hanging, just like the Large Crystal Clear PowerTabs, but they are less expensive, so for jobs not requiring the strength of the largest tabs, they can be a great economical alternative – a one size fits all.

MegaTape is just a double sided adhesive version of PowerTape made with the same super strong film.

MegaTape is recommended when you desire a folded edge on the banner rather than the unfolded edge with PowerTape.

MegaTape is made with a super-strong film which makes it far stronger than regular banner tape. Plus, because of the superior rigidity of the MegaTape, it is much easier to produce a firm sharp edge than with banner hem tape.

It can if the banner is rolled too tightly. We recommend rolling with the print side out, no tighter than a 6″ to 12″ diameter roll.

Unlike regular PowerTape, Megatape is completely hidden when applied. Double sided banners can be made with art that matches on the reverse side when folded, making the banner hem super strong, yet nearly invisible.

BravoTabs® are square in shape so they work great for both corners and along edges. One tab fits all!

Yes. After installing MegaTape, feel free to install grommets, or for greater strength, PowerTabs, or both for ultimate strength, according to your needs. This product is ideally suited for customers who like the strength of PowerTape, but who prefer the look of a folded hem. Now, they can have the best of both products!

The neck loop on PowerTabs® and EdgeTabs® is only intended for light-duty use. Placing the rope through the tab center hole give much greater outdoor strength. As a result, many of our customers cut off the neck loop in order to prevent improper installation. With BravoTabs®, there is no neck loop to cut off. That saves time.

Absolutely. Though the shape is different, the surface area of the tab is virtually identical, and we use the same high-performance films and adhesives as the large Crystal Clear PowerTabs®.

For indoor banners or light duty outdoor banners, BravoTabs® may be used alone. However, for outdoor banners over 6 ft. in length or in areas of high wind exposure, we recommend using BravoTabs® together with PowerTape® for ultimate strength.

For banners up to about 6 ft in length we recommend using four BravoTabs® at the banner corners. For banners over 6 ft in length we recommend adding tabs along the edges about every 2-3 feet.

Using the Banner Ups PowerPunch® is the safest and easiest way to punch the tab center hole in the media. The PowerPunch® hole is perfectly sized and the PowerPunch® punches the hole at just the right position. Using a knife to cut the center hole is possible, but risky because if the tab is cut slightly it may diminish the banner strength significantly. The PowerPunch® is reasonably priced and heavy duty for long life.

We have a customer that often has his banners hanging in a very high windy area, we received the Banner Ups to try, so we used them on his next order, and noticed a few days later that when he hung the banner he had punched holes and put grommets through the banner ups. We asked him why he had put grommets in and he said that he didn’t think that what we had used would hold up, so we gave him the sample where you tug on both the Banner Up and a grommet and told him and his business partner to tug to their hearts content and then give us a call and let us know what they wanted us to use, before we arrived back to our studio they had called and said they only want the banner ups from now on. Thank you for helping us satisfy our customers!  

Kathy De Noble,

Last year I made 5 HUGE graphics for a marching band to use in their show and your tape and Banner Ups saved me. 😊 What I'd add is that I've done it for the marching band for 2 years now and everything held up great. The graphics were 10' x 10' done in 3 panels each. I used your products to put the three together as well as to hem around the perimeter. When making banners for other clients, I always use clear banner-ups and have never had anyone question them. In my opinion, we're the experts; if I think these are a better option than grommets (which I do!) then I should use them and explain to the client later if needed. I personally think they look much more professional and the clear is less distracting than having a grommet anyway.  

Ann Flynn,

We have a customer that often has his banners hanging in a very high windy area, we received the Banner Ups to try, so we used them on his next order, and noticed a few days later that when he hung the banner he had punched holes and put grommets through the banner ups. We asked him why he had put grommets in and he said that he didn’t think that what we had used would hold up, so we gave him the sample where you tug on both the Banner Up and a grommet and told him and his business partner to tug to their hearts content and then give us a call and let us know what they wanted us to use, before we arrived back to our studio they had called and said they only want the banner ups from now on. Thank you for helping us satisfy our customers!  

Kathy De Noble,

We had a customer that gets a few banners a month, and he has always requested wind slits because his place of business sits in a crosswind section of his city. We had noticed that on some of his banners, (not made by us) grommets did not always stand up the best. So when we made his first banner we used the banner ups, when we went back to see how things were holding up, we noticed that he had punched grommets into the Banner Ups when we asked him why he said that he didn’t think they “looked” very sturdy. We took him a sample that we had received to show the strength of the banner ups vs. grommets. When we were driving back from training, we got a call from Jerry, our customer, and he wanted to let us know that he would “testify in court, that these things are great!”. We also used them on six different banners that are hanging on football & softball fields across Magnolia with great success! Thank you so much we love them, and they finish off the flags so lovely.

Kathy D,

The team at Banner Ups is "up to something" and they have replaced the grommet machine and the headache of installing banners on site or repairing banners on site with this incredible, stronger, better looking alternative. Good bye grommets that tear out and machines that split metal grommets and grommets that snag everything in site. Thank you Banner Ups for this great solution. They are CLEAR, LAY FLAT, STRONGER, EASIER TO INSTALL, MORE PORTABLE... They are wonderful. My shop is changing to this best practice for banners!

Beth Pence,

I recently used the Clear Power Tape to use on a Printed Mesh Banner for an outdoor concert, and I was surprised at how easy it was to apply, and the strength that the Clear Power Tape has! The banners went up flawlessly and lasted the duration of the concert without failing. I will definitely be using Power Tape for all my future banners.

Ray K,
Wood Dale, IL

“Now THIS is “Customer Service”! I had an issue that I was trying to rectify with some banners that I have hung. My situation was unique and one that Banner Ups typically doesn’t handle, yet Marta and the team took the time to understand what was happening, and offered a solution that was outside of their usual wheelhouse. And it is perfect!!! It seems to be getting more and more rare to find companies that just want to help regardless of revenue or profit margin, but Marta taking the time to help me proves that there is still hope!!! I work with MANY vendors and only wish that I had more like Banner Ups that clearly understand the importance of partnership. THANK YOU!!! It will be a pleasure to do business with you again sometime soon. Thank you so much again! ”

Todd H.,

“We purchased a starter kit and I have had the opportunity to use them already with great results. We have been very satisfied and intend to make them part of our regular banner offerings to our clients.”

Amy D.,
Escondido, CA

Seus produtos foram recomendados para nós por outra empresa de placas... Puxa, que diferença isso fez para os nossos banners digitais. Estávamos lutando com vincos e rugas quando colocamos ilhóses em nossos banners digitais... os produtos adesivos que vocês ofereceram eliminaram esse problema! Se nós os usamos em conjunto com ilhóses ou por elas próprias, têm feito a nossa vida muito mais fácil! Ansioso para qualquer outra coisa que vocês venham a oferecer :)”

Chris M,,,
Webster, NY

"Muito obrigado! Eu amo Banner Ups! Eu vivo em Oklahoma (muito vento) e nem eu nem outros, poderíamos fazer o nosso trabalho sem Banner Ups! Eu trabalho no negócio de cerveja e eu penduro banners e cartazes todos os dias e Banner Ups são o único produto no mercado que dura. Elas são resistentes como pregos com vento! Então, obrigado Banner Ups!”

Amber F,,,
Tulsa Oklahoma

"Seu produto faz tudo o que você anuncia. Como eu havia indicado, temos um grande banner, muito caro e o vento o rasgou em vários lugares onde os ilhóses de metal estão instalados. Nestes tempos de incerteza financeira, não foi prudente substituir o banner, que é realmente necessário para a publicidade, e eu estava procurando uma boa solução para consertar ele. Entrei em contato com a empresa que fez o banner para nós e eles ficaram felizes de reparar nosso banner, mas considerando o transporte e manuseio para os dois lados e o custo do reparo, estava próximo ao preço da compra de um novo . Eu suspeito que eles quase não fazem reparos... Os ilhóses com o verso adesivo [PowerTabs} e a fita adesiva de reparo [PowerTape} fez um trabalho fabuloso! Vivemos em uma área que é praticamente um túnel de vento e várias vezes por ano passamos por uma condição conhecida como 'Ventos Santana' ou ventos do diabo; ventos muito quentes, muito secos, com rajadas de até 110 quilômetros por hora. Seu produto tem se mantido muito bem e tenho certeza de que o meu banner vai me dar mais alguns anos de serviço.”

Melody B,,,
Norco, California

"Eu só queria escrever para dizer-lhe, como um cliente pela primeira vez - que eu AMO essa POWER TAPE! Ela economizou tanto tempo para mim, que eu não posso acreditar que eu não tenho usado o tempo todo. Eu costumava temer a emenda de banner. Demorou mais tempo para emendar do que para imprimir em alguns casos. Ela é MARAVILHOSA. Qualquer pessoa que questione a qualidade ou durabilidade, pode me dar um telefonema a qualquer hora. Eu adoro ela! Obrigado a você e sua equipe, por tornar a vida um pouco mais fácil para as pessoas que trabalham com banners!”

Carol F,,,
Youngstown, Ohio

"Temos um cliente que comprou uma faixa de nós, que foi costurada e teve ilhóses em cada 12 polegadas, a matéria de banner padrão. Na semana seguinte, uma forte tempestade chegou na cidade e arrancou os ilhóses rasgando o banner. Ele queria uma reposição. Fizemos mais um, mas utilizando Banner Ups em vez de ilhóses. Poucas semanas depois, outra tempestade veio com rajadas de vento de até 80 Km/h, e o banner manteve-se firme! Desnecessário dizer que este cliente adorou e quer que usemos SOMENTE Banner Ups com qualquer trabalho que fazemos para ele. Estamos muito satisfeitos e recomendamos este ótimo produto!”

Mark R,,,
Tuscaloosa, Alabama

"Muito obrigado pelo kit de amostra. Eu organizei um chá de bebê no domingo, e imprimi um banner... então eu pensei que era um momento perfeito para testar os Power Tabs. Fiquei espantada com a sua força, mesmo com o tempo chuvoso!”

Diane H,,,

"Foi muito emocionante ver seu stand na convenção. Eu tenho usado os seus produtos por muitos anos e sempre pensei que eles eram a melhor idéia econômica para um rápido acabamento de banner. Eles não poderiam ser mais fáceis. Eu adoro como eu não preciso de muito equipamento para conseguir um produto durável."

Kevin L,,,
Orlando, FL

"Uma solução simples e econômica que funciona. Realmente aprecio isso. Eu estou no ramo há muito tempo - um conserto ótimo, para um problema muito comum.”

Jack L,,,
Austin, Tx

"Banner Ups são super fáceis de usar e não há nada melhor do que o transparente! Nós nunca paramos. Obrigado por nos ajudar a ficar à frente da concorrência! "

Pensacola, FL

“Otra compañía de avisos nos recomendó sus productos… Cielos, qué diferencia marcó para nuestros banners digitales. Estábamos luchando con los dobleces y arrugas cuando poníamos ojaletes en nuestros banners digitales… ¡Los productos adhesivos que ustedes ofrecieron eliminaron ese problema! Ya sea que los usemos junto con los ojaletes o por sí solos, ¡nos han facilitado la vida! Estamos a la espera de sus próximas novedades :)”

Chris M..,
Webster, NY

“¡¡Muchas gracias!! ¡¡Amo los Banner Ups!! Vivo en Oklahoma (donde hay mucho viento) y ni yo ni los demás podríamos hacer nuestro trabajo sin Banner Ups!! Trabajo en la industria cervecera y cuelgo banners y avisos todos los días, y Banner Ups son el único producto en el mercado que perdura. ¡¡¡Son duros como el acero con el viento!!! ¡¡¡Así que gracias, Banner Ups!!!

Amber F..,
Tulsa Oklahoma

“Su producto hace todo lo que ustedes anuncian que hará. Como indiqué antes, tenemos un banner grande muy costoso y el viento lo rompió el varios puntos donde estaban instalados los ojaletes. En estas épocas de incertidumbre financiera no era prudente reemplazar el banner, el cual realmente se necesita para publicidad, y yo estaba buscando una buena solución para repararlo. Contacté a la compañía que hizo el banner para nosotros y ellos estaban más que dispuestos a repararlo, pero teniendo en cuenta el manejo y envío en ambas direcciones y el costo de la reparación, yo estaba a punto de tener que pagar casi el mismo precio de un nuevo banner. Sospecho que ellos no hacen casi reparaciones… ¡Los ojaletes con adhesivo posterior [PowerTabs] y la cinta de reparación [PowerTape] hicieron un trabajo fabuloso! Vivimos en un área que es prácticamente un túnel de viento y varias veces al año experimentamos una condición conocida como los ‘Vientos Santana’ o vientos del diablo: vientos muy cálidos y muy secos con ráfagas de hasta 70 millas por hora. Su producto lo ha soportado extraordinariamente bien y mi banner me será útil por muchos más años”.

Melody B..,
Norco, California

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Carol F..,
Youngstown, Ohio

“Tenemos un cliente que nos compró un banner que estaba cosido y llevaba ojaletes cada 12 pulgadas: el medio de banner estándar. A la semana siguiente, una fuerte tormenta llegó al pueblo y haló los ojaletes, lo cual hizo que se rompiera el banner. El cliente quiso entonces un reemplazo. Hicimos el siguiente banner pero usamos Banner Ups en vez de ojaletes. Unas semanas después, otra tormenta llegó, con ráfagas de viento de hasta 50mph, ¡y el banner se mantuvo firme! Sobra decir que a este cliente le encantó y quiere que usemos SOLO Banner Ups con cualquier trabajo que hagamos para él. ¡Estamos muy complacidos y recomendamos altamente este gran producto!"

Mark R..,
Tuscaloosa, Alabama

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Diane H..,

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Kevin L..,
Orlando, FL

"Una solución simple y económica que funciona. Realmente lo agradezco. He estado en el negocio por mucho tiempo: es una gran solución a un problema muy común”.

Jack L..,
Austin, Tx

“Los Banner Ups son súper fáciles de usar, ¡y no hay nada mejor que los transparentes! Nunca volvimos al pasado. ¡Gracias por ayudarnos a mantenernos adelante de la competencia!”

Pensacola, FL

Vos produits nous ont été conseillés par un autre fabricant d’enseignes… Un sacré changement! Nous nous battions avec les plis lorsque nous installions les œillets sur nos bannières imprimées. Grâce à votre produit, nous n’avons plus ce problème! Que nous les utilisions seuls ou en combinaison avec les œillets, notre travail est simplifié ! Hâte de découvrir vos prochains produits.

Chris M.,

Merci beaucoup!! J’adore Banner Ups!! Je viens dans l’Oklahoma (très venteux) et je ne pourrais pas faire mon job sans Banner Ups!! Je travaille dans le secteur de la bière et j’accroche des bannières et enseignes tous les jours. Banner Ups est le leur produit durable sur le marché. Ils sont très résistants au vent!!! Alors… Merci Banner Ups!!!

Amber F.,

Votre produit correspond tout à fait à la publicité que vous en faites. Comme je l’ai mentionné, nous avons une grande et coûteuse bannière qui a été déchirée au niveau de plusieurs œillets en raison du vent.  En ces temps d’instabilité financière, il n’était pas prudent de remplacer la bannière qui est indispensable à notre publicité. Je cherchais donc une solution pour la réparer. J’ai contacté la société qui a réalisé notre bannière qui a accepté de la réparer mais les coûts d’envoi, de main d’œuvre et de réparation étaient pratiquement aussi élevés que le prix d’une bannière neuve. Je pense qu’ils font difficilement les réparations… Les œillets adhésifs (PowerTabs) et l’adhésif (PowerTape) ont permis un résultat incroyable ! Nous vivons dans une région qui est pratiquement une soufflerie et plusieurs par an nous sommes confrontés aux vents de Santana ; des vents chauds et secs avec des pointes de 112 km/h. Votre produit a parfaitement résisté et je suis certaine que je pourrai encore utiliser ma bannière plusieurs années.

Melody B.,

Je voulais juste écrire un petit mot pour vous dire, ent ant que nouvel utilisateur, que j’ADORE le POWERTAPE!!!! Il m’a tellement aidé à de nombreuses reprises que je ne comprends pas pourquoi je ne l’ai pas utilisé avant. Je redoutais la soudure des bannières. Parfois, ça prenait plus de temps que l’impression! Le PowerTape est juste FORMIDABLE. Toute personne qui s’interrogerait sur la qualité ou la durabilité peut me contacter. Je l’adore !!! Merci à vous et votre équipe pour avoir facilité la vie des gens dans ce secteur!!

Carol F.,

Un de nos clients nous a acheté une bannière qui était cousue et munie d’œillets tous les 30cm, une bannière standard. La semaine d’après, il y a eu une tempête et tous les œillets ont été arrachés. Notre client a souhaité un remplacement et nous avons cette-fois utilisé les Banner Ups à la place des œillets. Quelques semaines plus tard, il y a eu une autre tempête avec des vents allant jusqu’à 80km/h et la bannière a résisté! Inutile de dire que notre client a apprécié et il ne veut désormais QUE des Banner Ups sur tous les produits que nous faisons pour lui. Nous sommes plus que satisfaits et recommandons ce super produit!

Mark R.,

Merci beaucoup pour le kit d’échantillons. J’organisais une baby shower dimanche et j’ai imprimé une bannière… C’était donc parfait pour tester les PowerTabs. J’ai été surprise par leur résistance même sous la pluie!

Diane H.,

C’était un plaisir de vous rencontrer à votre stand lors du salon. J’utilise vos produits depuis plusieurs années et j’ai toujours pensé que c’était la meilleure solution pour des finitions rapides et peu onéreuses. On ne peut plus facile. J’aime le fait de ne pas avoir besoin de beaucoup d’équipements pour fournir un produit durable.

Kevin L.,

Une solution simple et efficace. J’apprécie. Je suis dans ce business depuis pas mal de temps et c’est une solution à un problème récurrent.

Jack L.,

Les Banner Ups sont hyper faciles à utiliser! Nous ne regrettons pas du tout! Merci de nous aider à rester performants face à la concurrence!


Danke sehr!  Ich liebe banner-ups!!!  Ich lebe in Oklahoma (sehr windig) und ich und anderen könnten nicht unsere Arbeit machen ohne Banner Ups!!!  Ich arbeite im Bierbereich und hänge Banner und Schilder jeden Tag.  Banner Ups sind die einzigen Produkte die lange halten.  Die sind im Wind sehr stark!!!  Danke Banner-ups!!!

Bernstein F,,

Ihre Produkte waren uns vorgeschlagen von einer anderen Firma….Wow, was für ein Unterschied es gemacht hat für unsere digitale Banner.  Wir hatten Probleme da unsere Banner zerknitterten und falteten wenn wir Ösen benutzt haben…ihre selbstklebende Produkte eliminierten dieses Problem!  Weder wir sie mit Ösen benutzen oder alleine, haben sie unser Leben vereinfachert.  Wir freuen uns auf die nächsten Produkte ihr ausdenken.

Chris M,,

Ihr Produkt macht alles das angekündigt wird.  Wie ich gesagt habe, haben wir grosse, sehr teuere Banner und der Wind hat es in mehreren Plätze wo Metalösen installiert sind zerrissen.  In diese unsicheren finanziellen Zeiten war es nicht gescheit das Banner, dass wir zur Werbung benutzen, zu ersetzen und ich habe nach einer guten Lösung gesucht um es zu reparieren.  Wir haben die Firma kontaktiert dass das Banner für uns produziert hat.  Sie hätten das Banner repariert, aber mit Portokosten hin und zurück und die Kosten der Reparatur, waren die Kosten fast so hoch wie ein neues Banner.  Ich denke die machen wenige Reparaturen… Die selbstklebende Ösen (PowerTabs) und die Reparaturtese (PowerTape) haben toll gewirkt!  Wir wohnen in ein Bereich das sich wie ein Windkanal ergibt.  Mehrere Male im Jahr gibt es ‘Santana Winds’ oder Teufel Winde; sehr heiss, sehr trockene Winde mit Böhen um 110 kmh.  Ihr Produkt hält sehr gut und ich weiss ich werde mehrere Jahren das Banner benutzen.

Melody B,,

Ich wollte nur schnell sagen – da ich ein neuer Kunde bin – dass ich PowerTape liebe!!!  Es hat mir schon so viel Zeit gesparrt dass ich erstaunt bin dass ich es erst jetzt benutze.  Ich habe früher das Nähen von Bannern gegrault.  Öfters hat es länger gedauert die Banner zu nähen als zu drucken. Es ist wunderbar.  Jeder der an die Qualität oder die Haltbarkeit zweifelt kann mich ruhig anrufen.  Ich liebe es einfach!!!  Ich danke Ihnen und Ihren Team da Sie das Leben der Bannerproduzenten leichter machen!!

Carol F,,

Wir haben ein Kunde der von uns ein Banner bestellt hat das genäht war mit Ösen jede 30 cm, so ein standare Banner.  Die folgende Woche kame in sehr starker Sturm durch unsere Stadt und hat die Ösen vom Banner gerissen.  Er wollte einen Ersatz.  Wir haben das nächste wieder erstellt, aber haben Banner Ups benutzt anstatt Ösen.  Ein paar Wochen später kam noch ein Sturm mit Windböhen um 80 kmh und der Banner hielt zusammen!  Natürlich war der Kunde begeistert und will von jetzt an dass wir nur Banner Ups benutzen für seine Aufträge.  Wir sind sehr zufrieden und emphehlen dieses Produkt weiter.

Mark R,,

Danke für das Probestück.  Ich war Gastgeber für ein Familienfest am Sonntag und habe ein Werbebanner gedruckt…so dachte ich es ware die perfekte Zeit die PowerTabs auszutesten.  Ich war von der Stärke erstaunt, sogar beim Regenwetter.

Diane H,,

Es war hochinteressant Ihr Ausstellungsstand beim Konvention zu sehen.  Ich benutze Ihren Produkt schon mehrere Jahren und habe immer gedacht die waren die Besten für eine schnelle, preiswerte Bannerfertigstellung.  Es könnte nicht einfacher sein.  Es ist toll dass ich keine grosse Ausrüstung brauche um einen starken Produkt zu erstellen.

Kevin L,,

Eine einfache, preiswerte Lösung dass funktioniert.  Sehr dankbar.  Ich bin seit längerer Zeit im Geschäft- toller Lösung für ein üblicher Problem.

Jack L,,

Banner Ups sind so leicht zu benutzen, es gibt nichts besseres als die Klaren!  Wir benutzen nie mehr was anderes.  Danke das wir die Konkurrenz voraus sind!


"Banner Ups are super easy to use, and you can’t beat the clear! We have never looked back. Thanks for helping us stay ahead of the competition!

Pensacola, FL

"A simple inexpensive solution that works. Really appreciate it. I've been in the business a long time- great fix for a very common problem."

Jack L,
Austin, Tx

"It was quite exciting to see your booth at the convention. I’ve been using your products for many years and always thought they were the greatest idea for quick economical banner finishing. They couldn’t be easier. I love how I don’t need lots of equipment to achieve a durable product."

Kevin L,
Orlando, FL

"Thank you so much for the sample kit. I hosted a baby shower on Sunday and printed a I thought it was a perfect time to test the Power Tabs. I was amazed at their strength, even in the rainy weather!"

Diane H,

"We have a customer who purchased a banner from us that was sewn and had grommets every 12 inches, the standard issue banner media. The week following a strong storm came through town and pulled the grommets ripping the banner. He wanted a replacement. We made the next one but used Banner Ups instead of grommets. A few weeks later another storm came through with wind gusts up to 50 mph, and the banner held firm! Needless to say, this customer loved it and wants us to use ONLY Banner Ups with any work we do for him. We are very pleased and highly recommend this great product!"

Mark R,
Tuscaloosa, Alabama

"I just wanted to drop a line to tell you - as a first time customer - that I LOVE that POWER TAPE!!! It has saved me so much time that I can't believe I haven't been using it all along. I used to dread the seaming of banners. It took longer to seam than it did to print in some cases. It is WONDERFUL. Anyone questioning the quality or durability, can give me a call anytime. I just love it!!! Thanks to you and your staff for making life a bit easier for banner people!!"

Carol F,
Youngstown, Ohio

"Your product does everything you advertise it will. As I had indicated, we have a large, very expensive banner and the wind ripped it in several places where the metal grommets are installed. In these uncertain financial times it was not prudent to replace the banner which is really needed for advertising and I was seeking a good solution for repairing it. I contacted the company that made the banner for us and they were happy to repair our banner, but considering shipping and handling both ways and the cost of the repair, I was close to the purchase price of a new banner. I suspect they do hardly any repairs... The adhesive backed grommets [PowerTabs} and the repair tape [PowerTape} did a fabulous job! We live in an area that is practically a wind tunnel and several times a year we experience a condition known as the 'Santana Winds' or devil winds; very hot, very dry winds with gusts up to 70 miles per hour. Your product has held up extremely well and I'm certain my banner will give me several more years of service.”

Melody B,
Norco, California

"Your products were recommended to us by another sign company...holy cow, what a difference it made for our digital banners. We were struggling with the creasing and wrinkling when we grommeted our digital banners...the adhesive products that you offered eliminated that problem! Whether we use them in conjunction with grommets or by themselves, it has made our lives so much easier! Looking forward to whatever else you come up with :)"

Chris M,
Webster, NY

"Thank you so much!! I love Banner Ups!!! I live in Oklahoma(Very Windy) and I nor others could do our job without Banner Ups!! I work in the beer business and I hang banners and signs every day and Banner Ups are the only product that last in the market. They are tough as nails with wind!!! So thank you Banner-ups!!!"

Amber F,
Tulsa Oklahoma