Grommets have many uses in the world today, you may see them used to hang vinyl banners, or secure a tarp.  Grommets or eyelets can be made from rubber, plastic and metal.  They are made up of two parts, the washer (the flat ring) and the grommet (the indented inner ring).  When installing the grommet, the inner ring is compressed over the flat ring to create a secure hold between the two pieces. There are a few methods to install grommets, some easier than others:


How to install grommets with Banner Ups method:


The easiest and most efficient method is to skip the grommets all together and use Banner Ups.  This method does not require a hammer or a machine.  You will need a pack of BravoTabs (adhesive grommet tabs) and an EZ Punch, and in a few easy steps you have a clean professional looking banner!

1. Peel the BravoTab

Simply peel one BravoTab from the liner to apply it on your banner material.

2. Apply it to the banner and fold!

Stick and fold the tab over onto the backside of the material, and press the two sides of the tab together to ensure adhesion.

3. Use PowerPunch

Next, use Banner Ups EZ Punch to punch a clean hole through the center of the BravoTab.

4. Hang Banner

Run rope or zip tie through holes and hang your banner.

How to install grommets with a grommet machine:


The next method is more traditional but more costly.  If you are planning on installing numerous grommets, you may consider purchasing a grommet machine.  Machines can cost upwards of $300 but can save you some time and energy. 

1. Set up the grommet

The first step in most grommet machines is to insert the washer on the bottom and the grommet on the top of the opening.

2. Place your banner material

Then place your banner material in between make sure it is properly aligned.

3. Press!

Now press firmly down on the handle.

4. Ready to go!

Run rope through holes and hang your banner!

How to install grommets with a hammer

The last option is the old fashion way with a grommet die and a hammer.  Needed for this method is a grommet tool kit which includes a die punch and a grommet setting anvil.

Watch how to Install Grommets Video


1 Where do you put the grommets?
Typically grommets are placed in all corners and every couple of feet along the edges of the banner.
2 What type of material can you use with grommets?
In the sign industry grommets are used with vinyl and foam boards.
3 What do Grommets Do?
Grommets are metal eyelets designed to give anchoring points more strength.
4 How Do I install grommets?
Watch our great tutorial video here:
5 What grommets are the best?
Instead of grommets we recommend Banner Ups adhesive tabs. They are faster, stronger, and easier than grommets.
6 What tools do I need to install grommets on a tarp?
You will need either a die and hammer or a grommet machine to install grommets.
7 What is a self-piercing grommet?
Self-piercing grommets allow the user to avoid having to pre-punch a hole into the vinyl. Instead, when hammering or pressing the grommet into corners, the grommet will cut through the vinyl.
8 What are the alternatives to grommets?
Banner Ups adhesive tabs are the best alternative to grommets. Banner Ups outdoor adhesive tabs are wind tunnel tested and withstood wind speed of 108 mph. No grommet comes close to that strength!