Mesh banners are often used when hanging in windy conditions. The small holes in the media allow the wind to pass through and prevent the banner from blowing out in high winds. But mesh banner media presents a problem for banner printers because it doesn’t hold a folded taped hem as well as solid banner media the Banner Ups method is a great solution to easily finish mesh banners.


How to Hem Mesh Banners – Instructions

If you want to hem a mesh banner without the hassle of double-sided tape try Banner Ups Clear PowerTape banner finishing solution using these easy steps:

1. Peel and stick

Peel and stick Banner Ups adhesive tabs onto corners of the banner

2. Run PowerTape

If outdoors, run PowerTape along the back edges of the banner.

3. Use PowerPunch

Use the PowerPunch to punch holes through tabs and tape.

4. Hang Banner

Run rope or zip tie through holes and hang your banner.

For even more strength you can install a grommet through the tab center hole for the highest wind applications. Clear PowerTape and BravoTabs not only reliably strengthen your mesh banner and save you tons of time but they are super clear so your banner looks great.

Clear PowerTape is available in one and a half inches wide by 36-yard rolls. Try a sample of Clear PowerTape today.


1 Will this tape work on Tyvek?
Yes, Clear PowerTape works great on Tyvek.
2 Is it Waterproof?
Clear PoweTape is super durable and meant for outdoor conditions
3 Is it easy to remove afterwards?
No, once applied, Clear PowerTape has a permanent bond.
4 How do your banners hold up to high winds?
We have tested Clear PowerTape in winds up to 98 mph.
5 What is the difference between mesh banner and vinyl banner?
Mesh banners have small holes throughout the entire banner. This allows wind to pass through. Vinyl has no holes and because of this will catch the wind and potentially tear down if not properly secured.
6 Is this banner able to be put on posts to display in a grassy area where it can't be ziptied to an existing structure?
Yes, this is a fine way to hang a banner. We also recommend using bungees or rope as options to hang your banners.
7 Do I need to add wind slits for my banner?
No. We do not recommend wind slits on banners.

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