Double-Sided Fabric Tape


TexTape is designed as a double-sided fabric tape for hemming with a synthetic carrier. The highly modified acrylic adhesive is designed to provide a high-performance hemming solution when adhering to textiles. Our double-sided TexTape is approx. 23 mils thick and is a great outdoor all-weather fabric tape. It is UV resistant and has a high initial tack and wetting properties.




  • New tape that sticks to fabric
  • No sewing equipment cost
  • Construct banners & flags in minutes
  • No sewing labor required


How to hem without having to sew. The new Banner Ups TexTape™, is a tape designed to make hems on woven and knitted textile banner media without sewing. TexTape bonds permanently to most textiles and is durable for outdoor as well as indoor use. No heat needed when applying TexTape.


TEX0925 - TexTape 3/8" x 27 yd

Roll Size: 3/8″ x 27 yd
Packaging: 12 rolls/case
Features: Double-sided fabric hemming tape for textiles

TEX1925 - TexTape 3/4" x 27 yd

Roll Size: 3/4″ x 27 yd
Packaging: 6 rolls/case
Features: Double-sided fabric hemming tape for textiles


1Is sewing required with TexTape?
No TexTape is designed to eliminate the need to sew a hem in textile banners. The formulation in TexTape is specifically designed to hold a hem in outdoor conditions without sewing.
2Which width of TexTape is right for me?
TexTape is available in 3/8in (9mm) and 3/4in (19mm) x 27yd rolls (25m). 3/8in TexTape is recommended for most indoor and outdoor banner hem applications. 3/4in is recommended for large or heavy duty outdoor banners hems or large exterior pole pocket banner hems. As always pretesting is recommended. Please contact us for your free sample roll.