Product Summary and Overview Of Banner Finishing Products


Banner Ups, PowerTabs and PowerTape banner finishing products can offer your shop a simple, inexpensive alternative to grommets in fabricating super-strong banners of any length, instantly. Following is a brief description of all our Banner Ups banner finishing products for your reference.


BANNER UPS® – Available in Regular, Mini, and Clear Mini with backtab


Forget grommets! Original Banner Ups banner finishing products are still one of our biggest sellers. Made with a foam adhesive, Banner Ups aggressively bond to virtually all banner materials as well as Coroplast, Foamcore, and paper. Banner Ups unique shape allows them to be applied at different corner angles as well as along the top and sides of banners. For light duty use, just attach a rope to the folded neck loop. For tougher jobs, run the rope through the tab center hole.

POWERTABS® – Available in four styles


New generation PowerTabs are made of high strength composite film, which is thinner than but just as strong as original Banner Ups banner finishing products. Their corner-friendly shape and thin profile help them blend inconspicuously into the banner surface. Run the rope through PowerTab end loop for indoor applications, or through the pre-punched tab center hole for outdoor banners.

Crystal Clear Large

These are perfectly transparent and designed for inkjet, digital, and other full-color banners.

Crystal Clear Mini

Use Crystal Clear Mini PowerTabs (BAN 013) for indoor banners

White Large

Regular white Powertab is made of high strength composite film which can be useful for outdoor use.

White Mini

Use Mini PowerTabs (BAN 012) for indoor banners
New simple shape works great at corners or along edges. Great for indoor and outdoor applications.



Banner Ups® BravoTabs are a great new addition to your banner finishing products toolkit of for three reasons. First, they are just as strong as Large Clear PowerTabs, however they are square in shape, so they work great both at corners and along banner edges – a “one size fits all” solution. Unlike, PowerTabs, there is no neck loop, which some customers would cut off if not used. With BravoTabs, there is no need to clip an unused neck loop. Finally, because they are a simpler shape, BravoTabs are easier to make – and that translates to a lower cost. BravoTabs are crystal clear, allowing your color graphics to shine through. They are easy to use, versatile, and cost-effective banner finishing products!

Use along banner edges for additional support.

EDGETABS® – Crystal Clear EdgeTabs


New Crystal Clear EdgeTabs (BAN 016) square shape makes them the ideal choice for banner edges when additional fastening points are desired. Measuring 1 1/2″ square they may also be used on banner corners as a lower cost alternative to large Crystal Clear PowerTabs for lighter weight applications. For a low-cost hole reinforcement for banner stand graphics, just cut the tab in half and place on the back of banner corners, punch a center hole, then place banner stand posts through the hole.

Banner Hem Tapes


Forget about the hassle of folding over double-sided banner tape to make a banner hem! Simply apply tape over PowerTabs along the top and bottom edges on the back of the banner. After applying the PowerTape, punch holes through the tape, tab center holes, and banner media, then run a rope through the hole.


Made of heavy-duty film, PowerTape takes the place of hemming and grommeting.

Clear PowerTape

Clear PowerTape® a new clear version of PowerTape


It is a double-sided version of our popular PowerTape product, made with the same super-strong film.


TigerTape is a premium quality double sided banner hem tape at an economical price.


Extremely aggressive adhesive for creating pole pocket banners without sewing.

PoleTape Pro

PoleTape Pro® make pole banners like a pro!


KederTape® make SEG Signs without sewing


TexTape – TEX1925

TexTape is designed as a double sided textile hemming tape with a synthetic

Use along banner edges for additional support.



PowerPunchTM a heavy-duty hand-held punch capable of easily cutting holes in the thick banner material. PowerPunchTM cuts cleanly through Banner Ups PowerTabs®, PowerTape®, and heavy-duty banner substrates. Due to its relatively small size and lightweight PowerPunchTM is completely portable and significantly lower in cost than benchtop grommet presses.

PolyTabs are much easier to apply than grommets or eyelets



Banner Ups PolyTabs are perfect for bulk jobs. The crystal clear PolyTabs come on 2000 dispenser roll. PolyTabs rolls are perforated every four tabs for easy to tear away sheets.

SEGDesign is an easy way to make fabric display frames



SEGDesign frames are a snap to put together, no tools or brackets needed. The frames are made from a durable ABS polymer so you can easily cut to any size.  Easy to paint with commonly available spray paint to make your image pop.