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PolyTabs for High Volume Jobs

Banner Ups PolyTabs are perfect for bulk jobs. They come on 2000 dispenser roll in either white or crystal clear. PolyTabs rolls are perforated every four tabs for easy to tear away sheets. Great for hanging posters and indoor banners. Simply peel the tab from release sheet, apply to corners of plastic film, and then secure using a rope or stake through tab center hole.

  • PolyTabs® – Low-cost tabs for high volume users. Recommended for top strength with lightweight films. 2000 tabs per dispenser roll. Roll liner is perforated every four tabs.
  • Now available in clear version!
  • Designed for high volume users.
  • Our most economical tab.

Product Description

BAN 061AS White PolyTabs

Packaging: 2000 / dispenser box
Tab Size: 3.125″x 1.5″

BAN 062 Clear PolyTabs

Packaging: 2000 / dispenser box
Tab Size: 3.125″x 1.5″

"Banner Ups are super easy to use, and you can’t beat the clear! We have never looked back. Thanks for helping us stay ahead of the competition!

Pensacola, FL

"A simple inexpensive solution that works. Really appreciate it. I've been in the business a long time- great fix for a very common problem."

Jack L,
Austin, Tx