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Banners are an essential component of advertising, marketing, and promotion campaigns. While banner advertising is quite economical, the costs and time associated with banner finishing such as installing banner eyelets, metal or plastic grommets, or other banner hangers can be time-consuming and expensive.

The Banner Ups® line of adhesive banner grommet tabs were uniquely designed to address the problems of conventionally used banner hangers, banner eyelets, and grommets. Banner Ups® products are ready-to-use and are available in many configurations to fit every need.

There are several reasons that make Banner Ups® a veritable value-addition as banner hangers for your next banner advertising campaign. Here are a few:

  • Make your own banner blanks instantly. No special tools required.
  • Stronger than metal or plastic banner grommets because they spread the stress of high winds over a much larger surface area.
  • Wind tunnel tested. Banners made with Banner Ups® withstood sustained winds of 50-70 miles per hour!
  • Our banner grommets tick to virtually all common banner media including scrim vinyl, Tyvek®, Valeron®, polyethylene, polypropylene, Foamcore®, Coroplast®, and many others.
  • Banner Ups® have 1001 uses as banner hangers. They can be used anytime you need a fastener for banner fabric or film.

Product Description

BAN001 Banner Ups

Packaging: Individual tabs; 100 tabs/bag; 5 bags/case (500)
Tab Size: 2.0″x 5.75″
Features: Foam adhesive. Ideal for rough surfaces

 BAN003 Clear Mini Banner Ups with Backtab

Packaging: Individual; 100 tabs/bag; 10 bags/case (1000)
Tab Size: 1.5″ x 2.75″
Features: Ideal as banner hangers for color posters. Use backtab to stick directly to wall or window.

 BAN002 Mini Banner Ups

Packaging: Individual; 100 tabs/bag; 10 bags/case (1000)
Tab Size: 1.5″ x 2.75″
Features: Low cost for indoor or light duty outdoor

Banner Ups products were designed to meet the demanding requirements of making super-strong banners that will stand up to the toughest indoor and outdoor conditions. But Banner Ups have many other uses to replace banner eyelets, or metal or plastic grommets. Anytime you need a banner hanger for any application, Banner Ups can be your low-cost easy solution. Here are some examples:

Banner Ups Adhesive Grommet Tabs have been used with vinyl, polyethylene, polypropylene, Tyvek, and other media to create low-cost super-strong banners with no sewing or grommeting. Banner Ups PolyTabs have been used as a fastener to convert clear plastic film into a low-cost economical tarpaulin, paint drop cloth, or protective cover. Unlike a traditional metal or plastic grommets used as banner hangers, custom Banner Ups have been used with woven polyethylene to make shipping container liners or tent structures. Banner Ups have been used with tarp material to create or repair boat covers.

Think of the possibilities for using Banner Ups instead of banner eyelets, plastic grommets or banner hangers. Use them with polyethylene film, woven polyethylene, poly tarp fabric, polypropylene, polyester film, Mylar, Tyvek, or PVC. Use them in agricultural applications to make plastic greenhouse covers. Most of these plastic films are too weak to be fabricated with a grommet. But Banner Ups, when used instead of banner eyelets, metal or plastic grommets or banner hangers, can double, triple, or quadruple the strength of the banner media or plastic film when compared to a grommet alone. Plus, the adhesives and handy design of edge loops allow you to fasten plastic films without poking holes which significantly weakens most banner media and plastic films.

There is another factor to consider if you are looking for a better solution than banner eyelets, grommets or banner hangers, and that is the environment. Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle are the ways to reduce the high cost and devastating environmental impact of landfill waste. One of the problems with banner eyelets, plastic grommets, or banner hangers is that they may make perfectly recyclable plastic films such as polyethylene and polypropylene non-recyclable! What a waste!

All white Banner Ups products are made of a base of polyethylene film, which means that when you use Banner Ups instead of banner eyelets with any polyethylene plastic film, the entire end product becomes recyclable. No need to remove banner eyelets, metal or plastic grommets, before recycling. Contact us today to see how Banner Ups Adhesive Grommet Tabs can solve your banner eyelet, metal or plastic grommet, or banner hanger challenges.


PowerTabs® are used for virtually the same application as Banner Ups®. They simply include several product innovations.

PowerTabs® are made of a super strong engineered multi-ply film. This film is just as strong as the thicker plastic from which Banner Ups® are made, but because it is thinner it blends more invisibly into the banner surface. Also, the shape of the PowerTabs® is different, making them more natural looking on a banner corner. Both tabs can be mounted horizontally or vertically on the banner, but Banner Ups can also be mounted at a 45-degree angle. Finally, PowerTabs® are mounted on a release sheet making them much easier and faster to peel and stick than regular Banner Ups, a factor which becomes more important on larger volume jobs.

On the other hand, regular Banner Ups have a foam adhesive system which can be an advantage when adhering to uneven surfaces. Though PowerTabs® have been embraced enthusiastically by the graphics industry, we still have many loyal customers for whom Banner Ups remain the product of choice.

Banner Ups and PowerTabs® are designed specifically to withstand outdoor conditions. The polymer films and adhesive systems are engineered for use in the widest possible range of temperatures and environmental conditions. If you want a banner that will last for a year of continuous use, or many years of seasonal use, we would recommend that you buy a heavy duty banner material, reinforced with webbing and grommets. However, if you are creating an economical banner that will be used for between a few weeks and a few months, you can use Banner Ups and PowerTabs® with confidence. We have had customers tell us they had our products on banners that lasted over a year and were still going strong!



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"Banner Ups are super easy to use, and you can’t beat the clear! We have never looked back. Thanks for helping us stay ahead of the competition!

Pensacola, FL

"A simple inexpensive solution that works. Really appreciate it. I've been in the business a long time- great fix for a very common problem."

Jack L,
Austin, Tx