"We ordered the Starter Kit and absolutely love it! It has changed the game for us. We are able to bust out banners and not take all day working on them! Thank you so much for being so helpful at the open house. We greatly appreciate it! We have had so much fun getting to show everyone how well Banner Ups work and getting rid of the grommets!”

Krysten Morris, Signs Express Plus

"I was asked by a customer to provide 7 4’x8’ banners that would be hung from the side of a building for an event.  They wanted the to banners roll down from the roof during their presentation.  My rep walked me through the steps to make the best banners for my client.  He also recommended the right media and a supplier in my area that had Banner Ups PoleTape in stock.  My Banner Ups rep was available by phone several times and also provided a drawing of his design to follow.  I followed his advise and produced seven banners without wasting any material or having to redo any of them.  The project was a success. The Banner Ups team was great and it was nice that they were available to assist our company regardless of the size of the project. Thank you very much and Banner Ups.  We absolutely will use Banner Ups [from now on]."

Jeff Koval, Extreme Pressure Systems, Inc.

Thank you for a great product. Grandmomma used to always say “when you know better you do better”

Anthony Johnson MDS Pack2Ship LLC

“I love how simple and quick these are to work with! We print our own banners on site, and I worked for just a few days with traditional metal grommets and I have to tell you, it was going to be me or the grommets! They were finnicky, ripping the vinyl, and they were so tedious and time consuming to put on. The BannerUps tabs were a breeze. Just peel and stick. Better than that, they actually work! We have a 20 ft street banner that lives outside in 100+ heat of summer and the tabs are going strong. Highly recommend this product.”

Rachel Garcia Trinity Community Church

“I wanted to thank you for taking time to speak with me the other day. We do love your product! We are able to spend less time putting together our banners when we use Banner Ups! I have just placed another order and highly recommend your product to other sign shops!”

Kim Miller Hammerhead Signs

“I have been using the Banners Ups tape and tabs for my regular banners and absolutely love it.”

Tami Freelen T-N-T Designs

“As I mentioned to you on the phone, I have been very pleased with your products. I am a small business with a workforce of one … me. Because of this, I don’t have a lot of extra time on my hands. The Clear PowerTape and BravoTabs are super fast and easy to install saving me on labor costs. On top of the ease of use, I don’t have to put out any capital for equipment that would traditionally be used to hem banners and install grommets. To me this is a huge plus as I can offer banners without having purchase finishing equipment and tying up precious space in my small shop.. Another great pro is that the completed banners roll up nice and flat so they don’t get creased due to folding which my customers really appreciate. Please accept my thanks and appreciation for producing innovative products which extend my product offerings while saving me time and money!”

Wendy Fredrickson Makstin Graphics

“This is the perfect product to easily produce durable “holes” for banners. We tried using a traditional grommet maker and had a hard time making clean, symmetrical grommet holes. The BannerUps kit comes complete with the tabs, punch AND tape. So easy to use, and the banner holes are VERY durable. Most of the time I don’t use the tape, but if I know the banner will be subject to long-term use or severe weather, I do put a strip of tape across the top and bottom for extra strength. This product is an absolute joy and I just ordered another complete kit so we can work on multiple banners at the same time! This is a 5-star product!!”

Marilyn Silverman Word Center Printing

“We have a customer that often has his banners hanging in a very high windy area, we received the Banner Ups to try, so we used them on his next order, and noticed a few days later that when he hung the banner he had punched holes and put grommets through the banner ups. We asked him why he had put grommets in and he said that he didn’t think that what we had used would hold up, so we gave him the sample where you tug on both the Banner Up and a grommet and told him and his business partner to tug to their hearts content and then give us a call and let us know what they wanted us to use, before we arrived back to our studio they had called and said they only want the banner ups from now on. Thank you for helping us satisfy our customers!”

Kathy De Noble

“Last year I made 5 HUGE graphics for a marching band to use in their show and your tape and Banner Ups saved me. 🙂 What I’d add is that I’ve done it for the marching band for 2 years now and everything held up great. The graphics were 10′ x 10′ done in 3 panels each. I used your products to put the three together as well as to hem around the perimeter. When making banners for other clients, I always use clear banner-ups and have never had anyone question them. In my opinion, we’re the experts; if I think these are a better option than grommets (which I do!) then I should use them and explain to the client later if needed. I personally think they look much more professional and the clear is less distracting than having a grommet anyway. “

Ann Flynn

“The team at Banner Ups is “up to something” and they have replaced the grommet machine and the headache of installing banners on site or repairing banners on site with this incredible, stronger, better looking alternative. Good bye grommets that tear out and machines that split metal grommets and grommets that snag everything in site. Thank you Banner Ups for this great solution. They are CLEAR, LAY FLAT, STRONGER, EASIER TO INSTALL, MORE PORTABLE… They are wonderful. My shop is changing to this best practice for banners!”

Beth Pence

“I recently used the Clear Power Tape to use on a Printed Mesh Banner for an outdoor concert, and I was surprised at how easy it was to apply, and the strength that the Clear Power Tape has! The banners went up flawlessly and lasted the duration of the concert without failing. I will definitely be using Power Tape for all my future banners”

Ray K Wood Dale, IL

“Banner Ups are super easy to use, and you can’t beat the clear! We have never looked back. Thanks for helping us stay ahead of the competition!”

Nathan Pensacola, FL

“Now THIS is “Customer Service”! I had an issue that I was trying to rectify with some banners that I have hung. My situation was unique and one that Banner Ups typically doesn’t handle, yet Marta and the team took the time to understand what was happening, and offered a solution that was outside of their usual wheelhouse. And it is perfect!!! It seems to be getting more and more rare to find companies that just want to help regardless of revenue or profit margin, but Marta taking the time to help me proves that there is still hope!!! I work with MANY vendors and only wish that I had more like Banner Ups that clearly understand the importance of partnership. THANK YOU!!! It will be a pleasure to do business with you again sometime soon. Thank you so much again! “

Todd H

“It was quite exciting to see your booth at the convention. I’ve been using your products for many years and always thought they were the greatest idea for quick economical banner finishing. They couldn’t be easier. I love how I don’t need lots of equipment to achieve a durable product.”

Kevin L Orlando, FL

“We purchased a starter kit and I have had the opportunity to use them already with great results. We have been very satisfied and intend to make them part of our regular banner offerings to our clients.”

Amy D Escondido, CA

“Thank you so much for the sample kit. I hosted a baby shower on Sunday and printed a banner…so I thought it was a perfect time to test the Power Tabs. I was amazed at their strength, even in the rainy weather!”

Diane H Ohio

“We have a customer who purchased a banner from us that was sewn and had grommets every 12 inches, the standard issue banner media. The week following a strong storm came through town and pulled the grommets ripping the banner. He wanted a replacement. We made the next one but used Banner Ups instead of grommets. A few weeks later another storm came through with wind gusts up to 50 mph, and the banner held firm! Needless to say, this customer loved it and wants us to use ONLY Banner Ups with any work we do for him. We are very pleased and highly recommend this great product!”

Mark R Tuscaloosa, Alabama

“I just wanted to drop a line to tell you – as a first time customer – that I LOVE that POWER TAPE!!! It has saved me so much time that I can’t believe I haven’t been using it all along. I used to dread the seaming of banners. It took longer to seam than it did to print in some cases. It is WONDERFUL. Anyone questioning the quality or durability, can give me a call anytime. I just love it!!! Thanks to you and your staff for making life a bit easier for banner people!!”

Carol F Youngstown, Ohio

“Your product does everything you advertise it will. As I had indicated, we have a large, very expensive banner and the wind ripped it in several places where the metal grommets are installed. In these uncertain financial times it was not prudent to replace the banner which is really needed for advertising and I was seeking a good solution for repairing it. I contacted the company that made the banner for us and they were happy to repair our banner, but considering shipping and handling both ways and the cost of the repair, I was close to the purchase price of a new banner. I suspect they do hardly any repairs… The adhesive backed grommets [PowerTabs} and the repair tape [PowerTape} did a fabulous job! We live in an area that is practically a wind tunnel and several times a year we experience a condition known as the ‘Santana Winds’ or devil winds; very hot, very dry winds with gusts up to 70 miles per hour. Your product has held up extremely well and I’m certain my banner will give me several more years of service.”

Melody B Norco, California

“Thank you so much!! I love Banner Ups!!! I live in Oklahoma(Very Windy) and I nor others could do our job without Banner Ups!! I work in the beer business and I hang banners and signs every day and Banner Ups are the only product that last in the market. They are tough as nails with wind!!! So thank you Banner-ups!!!”

Amber F Tulsa Oklahoma

“Your products were recommended to us by another sign company…holy cow, what a difference it made for our digital banners. We were struggling with the creasing and wrinkling when we grommeted our digital banners…the adhesive products that you offered eliminated that problem! Whether we use them in conjunction with grommets or by themselves, it has made our lives so much easier! Looking forward to whatever else you come up with :)”

Chris M Webster, NY