How to Hem Banners with Banner Hem Tape

Banner Ups TigerTape is a family of super aggressive adhesive banner hem tapes. Creating a banner hem along the edges of your banner is a great way to add reinforcement. Here are some tips and tricks on how to easily make a perfect hem every time when finishing a banner with hem tape.

It can be a real challenge to get the hem straight and to avoid kinks, especially on long banners. Here’s how you can do it perfectly every time with TigerTape or any quality banner hem tape.

1. Apply TigerTape

Apply TigerTape to the edge of your banner. For now, just remove one side of the liner.

2. Pre-crease your edge.

To help ensure a straight sharp edge every time we recommend that you pre-crease your edge before removing the tape liner.

3. Remove liner and press hem

Remove a short section of the liner and press down the first few inches then continue to pull the liner out in sections pressing as you go.

4. Press Hem Fold

Use a roller or squeegee to press the folded hem to ensure a tight bond.

Repeat these same steps on all four sides of your banner. Once the banner is hemmed apply grommets as you normally would. To add tremendous additional strength we recommend using Banner Ups BravoTabs to reinforce your banner grommets. BravoTabs are dramatically stronger than just grommets alone.

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TigerTape products are available in a variety of roll widths. Also available in custom-sizes up to 54 inches wide. If you would like to order TigerTape and BravoTabs contact us by emailing or call us at 800-869-9601.

Watch How to Hem a Banner Video


How to Hem Banners with Banner Hem Tape

1 How do you hem a banner with banner hem tape?
Watch our great video tutorial:
2 What is hemming on a banner?
A hem is when you fold the edges of the banner using doubled-sided tape. This gives extra strength and prevents tear-out.
3 Will this tape work on Tyvek?
Yes, Banner Ups Clear PowerTape works great on Tyvek.
4 Is this tape clear in color?
Yes, Clear PowerTape is clear.
5 Is it easy to remove afterward?
Once applied, banner hem tape will be hard to remove.
6 Is this tape heavy or sticky enough to support a hem for a pole?
We recommend Banner Ups PoleTape. PoleTape is very tacky and designed to create pole pocket banners.